I have a Sound-blaster Audigy sound card with midi I/O add on card.
I have had the same set up for 5 years now but today I found I lost my left channel.
My question's are; 1.) Is there a way to test the output coming out of my Casio WK-3500 to determine if it's the keyboards output.
2.) Is there a way to test the sound cards input to determine if its the sound card.
My set up;
ASUS A8V deluxe
AMD 64 bit 3000+ processor
1 Gig dual ram
Audigy sound card w/I/O
Sonar Producer 3
Casio (Don't Laugh) WK-3500

I have checked all cables and even hooked up new cables to test.
I can record MIDI as usual (both Ch record), But when I go to record Audio via the line in/out
I only get the right channel.
I ran Creative's Audio trouble shooter and it passes every thing as being OK!

So back to my question is there a fairly simple test to see if there is out put from the keyboards line out?
I did hook up head phones a could head sound via the lin out on the key board but it was very faint even with the volume up.
Should it be as loud as when hooked up to the head phones?
Thanks and have a Great Memorial Day weekend.
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