To send 'what you hear'on a Casio, to another module...the 'Ac/SgOut' [Transpose/[cursor down]] 1, then [cursor right] to the [Ac/sgOut] and use the 'yes/no' buttons to turn the output on/off, of the Accompaniment instruments (the rhythms).

The notes you play on the Casio (like the melody)...are always 'turned on' to the Casio midi out port.

You should use the [Transpose [cursor down]] to the [xx Keybd ch], where the xx is the channel you are selecting to be your output path (selected with the 'yes/no' or number pad), over the midi out port.

You need to match it with the channel you want your other unit to play the strings on. Remember Casio midi out connects to the other unit's 'midi in'.

If you want the other unit to play all the midi data the Casio is may need to set up the other unit to recieve 'multiple channels'. Or, if you only want one instrument to play on the other unit...match it to the channel the Casio is outputing. The only channel you can 'vary' on the Casio the melody (channel 1...'in' the whatever you make it on the midi out port).

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