The 1800 is a very good board, but cann't use wave files. The newer wk 3200/3700's, or the older 3000/3500's are able to load wave tones (or drums). A possibility for you...if you have your computer avalible where you are playing, would be to used midi cables between the computer and your Casio. The Casio could then be used as a 'midi input' device to the computer. On the could load in a 'softsynth' type program. Some of them will allow you to convert 'wave' files into midi samples. The sounds would play from the computer speakers, not from the Casio. I hope this will help. I guess if you don't have the computer may consider a keyboard 'upgrade'. Keep in mind that Casio is about to release newer models very the older units will be reduced in price. Check out some of the online music stores...if that is an option for you.

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