I'm a newbie at using the midi functions of a keyboard please be patient.

I currently have a Casio Prvia Pxr400 and also a Casio WK1630. I get the general idea that I can use the Privia as a controller for the WK1630. Today I purchased a midi cable and got the Privia to play using some settings on the 1630. I was able to get different style rythms to play while I sat at the Privia and played there. After powering off the equipment to take a break I can't seem to get the rythms to play on the 1630 while playing at the Privia. I know I have to be doing something wrong the midi settings. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?

Here's the settings I've set on the Privia Local control set to on
Accompany out set to off
Key Channel 16

On the WK 1630
Local control set to on
Chord set to on
Key channel 16
Accompany out set to off

Also I was never able to get the treble sections to play on the 1630 using the tone choices on the 1630. I was only able to get tone choices using the GM settings on the Privia. Is that possible to do or I'm I so confused about midi that I trying to accomplished that cannot be.

You may ask why I'm using a 1630. It's just a test to help me decide whether I want to upgrade to a Yamaha PSR3000 using the Privia as a controller. By training I'm a pianist and like the fact that I can play a piano solo on the Privia. With a PSR I'd only be able to do arranger backed type songs.