I just wanted to comment on something here that's often brought up on the Zone regarding our keyboards. The main thing we always discuss is how the PIANO sounds are in the keyboards we own. There are the di-hard Yammie fans who swear by them, Ketron Fans, Roland, Fans, and even Korg Fans.

Here's the the thing. What really justifies one piano being better than the other in sound quality considering this is such a "subjective" opinion by all?

A few examples here. First off a Yamaha acoustic piano sounds differernt than a Baldwin. A Baldwin sounds different than a Steinway, and a Steinway doesn't sound like a Kurzweil. Being that these are ALL good name brand acoustic pianos, they ALL sound great. We just all have our preference.

It's the same with our keyboards. Be it a Casio WK 35/3700, Yamaha Tyros/PSR-3000, Korg PA (any model), Ketron SD-1, or Roland G-70. Thing is they ALL sound good and sound like a real piano. Even the low end Casio's now have REALLY good piano samples. Again we just all have different taste in piano sounds.

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