Hello Todd. I am new here and I don't know if anyone has helped you but it's really easy to make any of the QS series synths to work with Cakewalk. I just bought a QS 8.1 and after a little frustration, discovered that all you have to do is this:
1. From Program mode or Mix mode, press the "Edit Select" button once.
2. Press the "Bank" button (either way) once.
3. The display should say Global Edit at top.
4. Press the "Page" button till you get to page seven (7). "Genrl MIDI : ON".
5. Press the Value key to turn it OFF.
6. Press Mix to exit this screen.
Make sure you are also on the "Multitmbrl" mix and you should have no trouble. Oh, and by the way, in Cakewalk, turn the "Midi Input Echo Mode to "None". That's located in Tools, Project Options, MIDI Input tab bars respectively.

See ya