I wondered the same thing when I got my MPC 2000. Everybody I talked to who owned one or had used one (MPC 2000) loved them, so I got one. Some of the salesmen at the music store tried to tell me that it didn't have the same "feel" as the MPC60 or the MPC3000, but none of them actually used them.

My point is: whether or not the MPC 2000 has "Roger Lynn" written on it, it does the same thing, and it has a very impressive track record.

I must admit, however, coming off using a an old 1986 Korg sampler and an unreliable Alesis sequencer, I immediatly fell in love with the MPC 2000. They are so easy to use, and if your like me, you have to have the satisfaction of hitting those pads.

Mouse clicks were never very musically inspiring for me.

Have fun with your machine! (oh, and expand the memory to 32 megs and get an external ZIP drive if you haven't done so yet)