i have Midi sport 2x2 from M-Audio, and to cut a long story short, it won't work properly on my new pc (AMD Athlon FX55, Windows XP Pro etc).

The Midisport has always had installation probs it seems (you have to install it twice etc), but after that, It worked OK on my last PC (Intel Pentium 4 2.66, Windows XP Home etc).

The problem is that it works, but only "half" works. the keyboard(s) I have are Roland KR577 Piano Arranger, and Triton Studio. I CAN play BACK midi files (when in Cakewalk Sonar with a midi file loaded it will play back on both keyboards. However, here is the problem, I CAN'T RECORD from y keyboard manually (IE: from the keys - though Piano roll works). the light indicator in Sonar used to flicker indicating a correct signal from my devices, but it doesn't work now. Frustratingly, it works sometimes for about 10-15 seconds when I reconfigure the midi devices - then it stops. Dozens of cable checks, USB cables etc - done the lot. Anyone know what this could be? - I don't think its the Midi box itself, but something else.

I can get my Piano Arranger working with the “To-host” port I had a few years back, but I need two keyboards – and can only get one input this way I think.


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