Thanks for the comparison. It sounds like the SD1 is for real. I plan to stay with the PA80 for now.
A couple of questions--I believe that the SD1 still does not have manual pads. Is that correct? Also, are the fill-in and variation buttons better located than they were in the X1? They were above the right hand on the X1.
Like almost everyone else, I do not have a place to audition the SD1. The closest dealer (in Dallas, 150 miles away) no longer stocks portable keyboards at all. I would not consider buying a keyboard without playing it first. Of course that's exactly what I did with the Korg, but I fudged a little--I had a buyer waiting for it in case I didn't like it.
I think if I were to get another keyboard right now, it would be the 9000 Pro, because of its superior vocal processing, harmonizer, and "country/western stuff". I'm having to teach the Korg to say "ya'll".