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You might wait and see what kind of price the G70 commands, now that it is being distributed in the US by the MI division. I would typically expect about $2600. A lot of money, yes, but about $1000 less than CK division were retailing it at.........

That's a LOT of keyboard for a LOT less than a Tyros2 or PA1XPro. If you want the FantomX piano, it's in here..... If you want VK Hammond organ, it's in here....... If you want V-Drum sounds, they're in here....... If you want possibly the best Vocal Harmonizer, well, you get the picture.

The G70 may be more than you originally planned to spend, but now it's going to be about $1000 less, it's something of a bargain.........


I don't know where your getting your info on the Tyros2, but I purchased mine new 2 months after it was shipping in the US for $2,500.00. I think that counts as LESS than the $2600.00. Don't forget, the Tyros2 either uses the Motif ES sound engine or Visa versa, so you get the Motif Sounds as well.

Just to clear things up a bit....

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