Chas wrote:

"As far as putting a "stamp" on what I play, definitely. Everything I play sounds like a minor blues full of Horace Silver riffs and occasional sprinkles of tasteful Hank Jones stuff; most often (these days) played over a semi-funky jazz fusion arrangement. I do play things differently, though, depending on whether I'm playing piano or organ. All my organ stuff is straight out of the Jimmy Smith(RH)/Groove Holmes(bass) handbook. I'm sure everyone steals from their major influences. I sure do. BTW, I do also love that "balls to the wall" rock organ style (think early Santana, have forgotton the organ players name - old age)."

Thanks, Chas.

So, can you ever "copy" too much?

Definitely not! Oh, you want more? Sure thing. Despite the myths typically perpetuated by educators and those who can talk but can't play, history clearly proves that those who obsessively copied their mentors achieved the highest level of creative originality. In jazz it was Bird, Wes, Benson, Corea, etc. In rock it was Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and so on. The truth of the matter is that the language itself doesn't belong to any one artist, so we borrow it and use it in our own way when we improvise and compose. Therefore you can't copy too much, because you can never have enough language./QM
We STILL live in a time where 90% of people decide what the truth is according to their feelings. Those are the ones who don't bother with the inconvenience of having personal supported explanations for their claims.