Computer Generated Music
For musical accompaniment generating software see the Accomanipment page.

Computer Generated Music Sites

  • Algorithmic Arts
  • Algorithmic Arts present music generated from raw genetic data downloaded from the Internet. The sequencing software SoftStep for Windows 95/98/2000 is also available for download, and provides enhanced tools for algorithmic composition. Also see MusicWonk, ArtWonk and Bio2Midi plus more.
  • Audible Oddities - Twerk's Tools
  • Audible Oddities is an audio mastering business and Shawn Hatfield also provides some free music composition tools for the Mac featuring sequencing control and algorithmic music generation. Burnt Toast even has a beta version available for Win XP.
  • Audiobulb
  • Provide the ABulb VSTi softsynth, a Mac fractal tone generator and have some samples in WAV format to download.
  • Audiocubes Improvisor
  • Compose music in a generative way using the AudioCubes.
  • CnFractal Music Group
  • Yahoo group for fractal music discussion.
  • CyberMozart
  • Algorithmic software for the Mac that generates music in the style of Mozart. Available to download.
  • Fractal and Generative Music
  • Webrings that support and promote fractal and generative music, the software used and fractal music composers.
  • FractMus 2000
  • A freeware fractal music composer for Windows users.
  • Fractal Music Lab
  • Links to fractal and computer generated music software for Windows users plus other resources. Also see Fractal Adventures for other fractal resources.
  • Fractal Music Project
  • Articles, software and links to fractal generated music resources.
  • JMSL
  • Java Music Specification Language (JMSL) is a new Java-based development tool for experiments in algorithmic composition, live performance, and intelligent instrument design.
  • JMusic
  • Music compositionin Java. A library of classes for generating and manipulating music
  • KeyKit
  • KeyKit is a programming language and graphical user interface for MIDI, useful for both algorithmic and realtime musical experimentation. Full source is available as well as executables for Win9x, Mac and Linux.
  • M - Cycling74
  • M by Cyclying74 is called the Intelligent Composing and Performing System for the Macintosh.
  • MSG - Midi Sequence Generator
  • Atari ST software that generates and modifies MIDI files according to user parameters.
  • Musoft
  • Developer of electronic composition, graphics and internet software. "Musical generator" creates music out of fractals, numbers, text and graphics and can be converted to MIDI.
  • Olaf explores computer generated music and cutting edge control interfaces.
  • Pymprovisator
  • Creates jazz improvisation lines and is available for Windows but can be compiled on most computer platforms from SourceForge.
  • QuasiFractal Composer
  • Win95/98 fractal music freeware.
  • Spectral Modeling Synthesis
  • Experimental research into software analysis, transformation and synthesis of musical sounds.
  • SSEYO Koan Generative Music
  • SSEYO make interactive generative music software for both Mac and PC. Plugins available for your net browser to hear Koan equipped web sites.
  • Tim Thompson's Tune Toys
  • A collection of bizarre yet fascinating web midi utilities that will let you create or transform midi music in unusual ways.
  • Tune Smithy
  • Windows software that creates fractal texturea.
  • Xx
  • A multi-track MIDI sequencer for MacOS. It is also an algorithmic compositional tool. Requires OMS.

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