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Electronic Music Web Rings
Webring is the home of a number of Keyboard webrings.

Electronic Music Web Rings

  • Acid Loops And Music Ring
  • Sites devoted to using Sonic Foundry's Acid Loops and Acid Music applications.
  • Amiga Audio Software Ring
  • A short list of sites specialising in audio software for the Commodore Amiga.
  • Cubase Web Ring
  • A good list of Cubase related sites. Lots of help & files for Cubase users.
  • Dance Music Ring
  • Dance music related sites, with many having useful resources for DJs and electronic musicians.
  • Drum 'n Bass Ring
  • A large list of sites dedicated to Drum 'n Bass music & resources.
  • Fractal and Generative Music
  • Supports and promotes fractal and generative music, the software used and fractal music composers.
  • Groovebox Ring
  • A list of sites that support Roland type groovebox gear.
  • Hammond Tone Wheel Organ Ring
  • Lots of great sites with information on Hammond organs and Leslie rotating speaker cabinets.
  • Homerecording Web Ring
  • Collection of sites with info on digital recording, tape recording, monitors and general home studio music production.
  • Midi Composers Ring
  • For sites that have collections of original midi compositions.
  • Midi-Karaoke Ring
  • Sites with MIDI karaoke downloads.
  • Midi Ring
  • For all sites active in the online Midi community. The original Midi Ring with links to over 300 midi sites.
  • Midi Sequencing Ring
  • A ring devoted to the art of sequencing and MIDI files.
  • Mod Ring
  • A comprehensive list of mod & tracker sites. Plenty of digital audio related resources here.
  • Multimedia Ring
  • A large list of sites with sounds and MIDI files.
  • MuseNote WebRing
  • The Muse's Muse songwriters' web site hosts a web ring of related sites dedicated to music composition.
  • Music Education Web Ring
  • List of music education related sites including music tutorials and the use of MIDI and synthesizers in music education.
  • The Pipe Organ Web Ring
  • Lots of site with an interest in pipe organs.
  • Roland JV/XP Ring
  • Quite a large list of sites dedicated to the Roland JV/XP series synthesizers ie. JV1080 upwards.
  • Synth Candy Ring
  • Devoted to synth and sample pages on the web
  • Synthedit Ring
  • A ring for users of Synthedit is a shareware Modular Synthesiser for Windows (Win 95 or better). It also allows you to create your own VSTi plugins.
  • Vintage Keyboard Webring
  • Covers a variety of composer and musicians related sites.
  • Writer's Block - Complete Musicians Webring
  • Covers a variety of composer and musicians related sites.
  • Yamaha AN1x Ring
  • A small ring dedicated to the Yamaha AN1x sampler.
  • Yamaha XG Midi Ring
  • Quite a large list of sites with songs, resources & info for XG synths.

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