Tuning Resources

Tuning Resources

  • Bohlen Pierce Site
  • An alternative harmonic scale.
  • Graham's Microtonal Website
  • Info and links to microtonal resources plus some Windows tools that support tuning using pitch bend.
  • Hermode Tuning
  • Hermode tuning is a commercial realtime tuning system that is compatible with equal temperament.
  • Jon Starret's Microtonal Page
  • John provides links to a range of microtonal resources online.
  • Just Intonation Explained
  • Kyle Gann explains the principles of just intonation.
  • Mathematics Of Tuning
  • The mathematics of tuning and temperament with audio examples.
  • Max Magic Microtuner
  • Max Magic Microtuner (Mac OS X, OS 9) is a microtonal scale editor; it imports and exports 128-note MIDI Tuning Standard keymap files (.syx, .mid) compatible with the N.I. FM7 and all softsynths supporting this format. Software for Windows is also available to download.
  • Microtonal Synthesis
  • A site offering info on microtonal scales for your synth.
  • R.L. Reid - Microtonal Composition
  • Notes on microtonal composition including microtuning the DX11/TX81Z
  • Temperament Resources
  • A good listing of temperament resources online.

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