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Technics Links

  • Technics Reviews - Harmony-Central
  • A collection of Technics keyboard reviews at Harmony-Central.
  • Technics Keyboards
  • Provides info and manuals for Technics Keyboards
  • Technics Keyboards & Organs
  • Forum for Technics users to share info.
  • Technics Music Service
  • German website that provides downloads for Technics keyboards.
  • Arranger Keyboard Discussion
  • Active arranger keyboard forums here at Synth Zone.
  • Carillon Studios
  • Software and musical accessories for Technics, Yamaha, Wersi, Roland and all General Midi compatible instruments.
  • Keyboard Capers Club
  • A UK based Technics keyboard group that has been set up for keyboard owners, to help them understand how to use the technology at their disposal. Give Technics help and advice at the group, which runs fortnightly in Swindon, Wiltshire.
  • Technics Copy Program
  • Software to help copying and renaming of Technics styles to floppy disk.
  • Keyboardforums - Technics
  • Technics forum.
  • KN Series - Gunnar Jonny's Website
  • Gunnar Jonny's Technics page with info and downloads for the KN2000, KN3000 and KN5000
  • KN1200 Patches
  • Some original organ patches for the KN1200 uploaded by Adrian & Horacio
  • KN2000 Offline Editor for MSDOS
  • No realtime auditioning
  • KN2000 song/style files
  • Song & style files for the KN2000 written & uploaded by Jaap Keller Come on KN2000 owners, and help Jaap build up a useful web site here for your synth !! A couple more styles files now uploaded thanks to Frank. We'll get an archive here yet.
  • A German language support site for the KN-3000.
  • KN-3000 Midi Music Club
  • An archive of a page that once provided info & files for the KN-3000
  • KN3000/KN5000 - Joe & Shirley's Page
  • An archive of a website featuring easy listening ballads, jazz etc. available to download for the KN3000 and KN5000 keyboards.
  • KN5000 - Bob's How To Web Site
  • Bob Hendershot's help pages to assist you with the various functions of the KN5000. Now hosted by Gunnar Jonny.
  • KN5000 - Matti Sairanen's Pages
  • Song files, info, FAQs and other resources for the KN3000 & KN5000
  • KN6000 Site
  • Song files for the KN6000 and KN5000 to download.
  • KN6000/KN7000 - Willum's Pages
  • Willum provides some KN6000/KN7000 songs for you to download.
  • User support site for the KN7000.
  • KN7000 -
  • A user support site for the KN7000. Also see
  • KN7000 Group
  • A Yahoo group for discussion on the KN7000.
  • KN7000/6000/3000 - Larry Gosmeyer
  • Song files for the KN7000/6000/3000 to download.
  • KN7000 - Joe Rodney's Page
  • Joe provides song files he recorded on the KN7000 to download.
  • KN-901 Sequences
  • KN-901 songs created & uploaded by Johan Van Dyk. Read the descriptions of the songs contained in the .zip file (840kb).
  • Midispot
  • Sell styles and MIDI files for Yamaha, Roland, Solton, Korg, GEM and Technics keyboards.
  • SX-EA3 - Vincent's SX-EA3 Music Corner
  • Vincent provides tip and info on using the SX-EA3 plus has nice series of pictures showing the evolution of the Technics organ.
  • Technics Keyboard Styles
  • Musicangelman has an archive of styles for Techics keyboards.
  • TheLoneArrangers
  • Forum for arranger keyboards.
  • WSA-1 - Dirk's WSA1 Page
  • info plus a PC shareware Soundmanager to manage your WSA1 sounds.
  • WSA-1 - The Unofficial WSA1 Page
  • Geoff Stockham's Technics page with sounds, articles & links for the WSA1. A very useful site. You can also download some English and French documentation from

    Technics Related Products

  • Key Soft Service
  • Key Soft Service provide hard disks & system enhancements for Technics KN5000, KN3000 & KN2000 series and Korg i2 & i3 keyboards. Additional support products include utility programs for file handling.
  • Mister Music
  • Sell software and styles for Technics keyboards and Yamaha Tyros & Tyros2.
  • Style Disk Warehouse
  • Sell style disks for Technics keyboards.
  • Strawberry Music
  • Sell styles for Casio, Yamaha, Roland and Technics arranger keyboards.
  • WD Green
  • Spares, Parts, Owners Manuals, Service Manuals and Schematics for Organs, Keyboards, Electronic Pianos & Accordions. They are UK based but will also ship to the US.

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