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  • Why does Synth Zone exist ? ... General Aims

    Synth Zone is an attempt to ease the search for synth resources on the Internet . If you can't find links to the information or resources here then please check out the full list of synth sites on Synth Zone's Synth Sites Links & Resources page. If you know of a good resource I don't have listed, please contact me. If you are looking for support files for your synthesizer I may have it in the Synth Zone File Archive.

  • Why can't I find any resources for my synth at Synth Zone ?

    Generally what you see linked on Synth Zone is all there is available on the Internet at present. New models never usually have much available until they have been out for a year or two and some models never get widespread support unfortunately. New resources will be linked as soon as they become available. I maintain my pages on a daily basis so new sites are always being added.

  • Can you tell me how to operate my synthesizer ?

    Please don't ask me how to operate particular synths, as although I've used quite a few there are many models that I provide links for, that I haven't ever used. It is always best to contact Webmasters at sites that specialize in your particular model.

  • Can I email Synth Zone with questions ?

    If it is relating to using synths or software applications it is better to register on the Synth Zone Discussion Pages and post your message there. An email address is required only to keep anonymous flamers off the BBS and is not used by Synth Zone for marketing purposes, or displayed on the BBS if you switch on the 'hide' feature. The best experts on any synth are other owners so this gives you the best chance of getting an answer to your problem. I have made many friends over the years on the BBS. If your questions relates to a problem with a link or resource I have listed then you should direct that to me at I list most links I know about so if it isn't listed here I probably don't know about it. I answer as much email as I am able to, but sometimes managing Synth Zone doesn't allow enough time to respond to all questions I get, so I try to answer those that I can help.

  • Why do I have to wait for an ad banner to load now ?

    You may have noticed advertising now at Synth Zone. For the site to grow and become a more useful tool this has become necessary, though will be limited to make it as unobstrusive as possible. As with all info on Synth Zone, advertising will be pertinant to synthesizers and electronic music so please visit those that interest you as it supports Synth Zone as well as our sponsors. This is how Synth Zone will always remain a free service to you.

  • How come Synth Zone doesn't have spinning logos & colored icons ?

    Sorry to those who enjoy heavy graphic content but the intention is to provide information and resource links as efficiently as possible. Given current bandwidth that most users contend with, graphic enhancement beyond basic presentation is not appropriate. Currently page changes are quite fast even using low speed connections. I wish to also keep individual pages to a minimum length so load times of the HTML text itself does not rise too high.
  • And why aren't there any frames ?

    As for frames, my aim is to get as much readable content on the screen as possible, so any loss of screen real estate is not an advantage on this type of site. And I don't want you to have to view sites you visit from Synth Zone in a tiny little framed window. I'm sure you will come back when you need to :)

  • What is Synth Zone's content limited to ?

    My intention is to concentrate on synthesizer resources such as patches & associated software, however the nature of modern synthesis requires that computer sequencing, recording and associated audio applications be given attention. I will continue to provide up to date links to both commercial & shareware/freeware software and also provide links to hardware manufacturers. Also, as most keyboard players work in a home recording environment, I will also provide coverage for any recording & audio processing related technology with a particular emphasis on products that are affordable to most musicians.
    Any suggestions for new areas will always be considered.

  • How do I upload files to be made available at Synth Zone ?

    I have an FTP area so that I can make files available. For security reasons there is no incoming FTP area but files can be sent to me via email, and I will make them available. I just insist on a few basic rules. (yeah I know, I hate rules too but if sites like this are to survive there's got to be a little give & take).

    1. Goes without saying but I'll say it. Absolutely NO unauthorised commercial software or patches. This is not only unfair to the authors, but would also risk Synth Zones future.

    2. Please make sure that the files you wish to send are not already available on the Internet at alternate sites. A simple link to the files would be more appropriate. The exception to this would be overseas sites that continually have very poor access.

    3. Email me first before sending the files to let me know a little info about the material that you wish to send, in case it is already available or I have received it from someone else.

    4. No samples .... sorry but that would chew up much more space than I can afford to use. There are already quite a few good sample archives ( to which I provide links ) and can generally be converted between the various sample based synths. The exception to this would be particular files unavailable anywhere else, I would mount temporarily by request.

    5. Not a rule, but if possible provide authorship of the patches sent. This not only helps establish the non-commercial status of the patches/programs but also allows me to provide credit to the author with the link. Where possible provide patches/programs in sysex form so they are useable by everyone. Proprietry editor file formats are often not a lot of use to the majority of users. If shareware/freeware software is being sent ,try to provide the platform it's intended for as well as any specific configuration requirements. A brief email description or readme.doc will suffice.

  • I want to find out what other people think about a piece of equipment ?

    Best place to start is the Harmony Central Synth Database then try searching the USENET newsgroups using Deja News Search. The best newsgroup to use is

  • Who the hell is Synth Zone, why do you spend your time doing this ?

    Synth Zone is maintained, designed and owned by me, Nigel Spencer. I'm a video games programmer by occupation and worked on most games machines from the Commodore 64 through to the Sony Playstation 3. I play guitar, bass and keyboards and played & recorded with bands for a number of years in Australia before entering the video games industry as a software enginner and relocating to Los Angeles. None of this would be possible without the love and active support of my wife Kerry who has always encouraged my wild projects and has done so for 26 years. I am a full songwriter member of APRA in Australia. I played bass with The Name opening for many major acts including INXS, Divinyls & Moving Pictures, which has many fun SpinalTap-esque memories for me :) Some of my most memorable musical experiences were working with Guy McDonough best known for his work with Australian Crawl and wrote and sang lead vocal on Errol. See He sadly passed away without his musical genius ever getting the full recognition it deserved. But his influence musically & personally was profound and remains with me forever. Sean Higgins was his song writing partner.
    I will never forget you Guy and Sean ......

    Always protect yourself by backing up any important data before trying unknown software or sound dumps.

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