Shareware Archives & Links

SourceForge is the the largest Open Source repository of software. Simtel provides a large archive of DOS and Windows programs.

Shareware Archives & Link Pages

  • Windows shareware music applications at
  • Aminet
  • A collection of Amiga files including MIDI software and also sysex files. An alternate download site is here
  • AnalogX
  • AnalogX provides freeware utilities and DirectX plugins.
  • Atari ST - Tims Atari Midi World.
  • Good selection of links to Atari ST music software including many commercial packages now released into public domain including Genedit, Tunesmith and many other programs. You can now run some of them them on Windows and Linux PCs using the freeware ST emulator Steem Engine. Also see the Atari Mailing List and Atari Midi Archives which also provides files. provides Notator SL info and files and also has a number of general ST utilities plus info on exchanging files between a PC and ST. Atari-LaunchPad also have a good archive of programs.
  • Audio Melody
  • A directory of audio tools and utilities for Windows.
  • Free VST Instruments
  • A well organized list of free VST instruments available online with descriptions and links.
  • You can find a number of free music software packages here.
  • FSU Resources Links
  • Music resources from Florida State Uni. Music School
  • GŁnter Nagler
  • Midi utilities for Windows. Free for non commercial use. Source code included. Also available from here.
  • Harmony Central Software Page
  • Good pages with lots of software links to Mac, Unix, Amiga, Atari, BeOS and of course DOS\Windows music applications.
  • Hermann Seib's Midi Page
  • Some good Windows MIDI utilities including MultiMID & MidiJoy
  • IRCAM WWW Server
  • Computer music research and software
  • A well laid out collection of links to Linux music and audio software and resources.
  • Mac Midi Use's Internet Guide
  • Includes links to some useful tools & applications for music on the Mac.
  • Maz's Sound Tools Page
  • Sound tool links for the PC Converters, grabbers, CD readers etc.
  • Midi Hell
  • Collection of patches, programs and other assorted synth & midi files from an archive of what was once Cyberden.
  • Mike's XG-GS-AWE Page
  • Lots of good info & software links. Check out Midi Utilities & Code for sysex and other useful software.
  • Music Machines Software
  • Assorted shareware for PC, MAC & ATARI
  • Musician's Friend - Software Demos
  • Links to downloadable demos from Sonic Foundry and Cakewalk for the PC and Mac.
  • MusicSearch
  • Good search engine for anything musical on the Internet.
  • Paradise Win95 Archive
  • A large archive of audio tools and utilities for Win95. Also has areas for NT and Win3.1
  • Partners In Rhyme
  • Good source for Mac & PC midi & sound tools
  • provides links to a wide selection of Windows audio software.
  • SampleNet
  • This site from FutureNet provides not only a great shareware software listing, but also synths samples, breaks, sound card resources and lots more.
  • Shareware Music Machine
  • Great place to start looking for shareware software. Large archive !! Check the listing of shareware patch editors & librarians
  • Simtel FTP
  • A SimTel FTP site with many music shareware programs for PCs listed under MSDOS, Win3.1 and Win95.
  • SonicSpot
  • SonicSpot provides a detailed and easy to navigate guide to PC music software available online. Some software links are accompanied by a star rating.
  • Twin Cities MIDI
  • Macintosh & PC information midi web page
  • A variety of shareware midi & digital audio programs listed with descriptions.
  • AMIGA Software
  • ATARI Software
  • MAC Software
  • MSDOS Software
  • MSWINDOWS Software
  • Midi software archive at
  • Winsite
  • A vast archive of Windows software to download.
  • ZDNet Midi Programs
  • Search for MIDI software at ZDNet's Software Library.
  • Zicweb
  • Links to a variety of software including Midi tools and other programs for PC music production.

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