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Music Resource Directories & Search Engines

  • Analogue Heaven Search
  • Search Analogue Heaven for synthesizer information.
  • Deja News Search
  • Great for searching through multiple newsgroups for a topic
  • EM's Article Search
  • Search for past articles from Electronic Musician magazine. They provide invaluable insight into producing electronic music and making best use of a range of music & audio products.
  • GearSearch
  • GearSearch is a database of online music equipment outlets. Currently keyboards aren't specifically listed, but it is still a good way to locate music dealers in general.
  • Google
  • Google is my first choice of search engines for any topic online. Try it and see !!!
  • Harmony Central Search
  • Search by keyword at Harmony Central. Excellent music site covering keyboards, guitars, bass and much more !!! Probably the most comprehensive site for musicians on the Internet.
  • Keyboard
  • Search Keyboard magazine for past features and reviews.
  • Macworld Search
  • A good source of information on MIDI on the Mac.
  • Microphone Database
  • Useful Database provided by SonicState.
  • Midibase
  • Relatively new database for all things midi related.
  • MusicSearch
  • Good search engine for anything musical on the Internet.
  • Online Computing Dictionary
  • Don't understand some technical computing term. Ask here !
  • On-Line Guitar Archive Search
  • And more lyric/tablature searching
  • Pop, Rock, Theme MIDI Files
  • Good database of pop, rock and TV/Movie theme from the 50s through to the 90s.
  • Pro Audio Reference
  • Rane's reference page for looking up pro audio info.
  • ProMusicFind
  • Search for music products for sale online, or if you are a dealer use it to sell your products.
  • Shareware Music Machine
  • Shareware music search engine, with a variety of music software for all platforms.
  • Sound-On-Sound Search
  • Sound-On-Sound magazine let you search their archived articles on electronic music gear.
  • Virtual Software Library
  • Software search engine. Helps track down shareware software on the Internet

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