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N-Drive provides USB floppy disk drive emulation for a wide range of electronic music keyboards. MatrixSynth have a list of USA Repair Locations. See the Internal Battery Resource Page about changing internal synth batteries. Regarding floppy disk drives that fail in old keyboards. Most of the time it is simply due to the rubber drive belt stretching over time and replacing it with a similar sized drive belt will fix the problem. Just search ebay for "drive band rubber belt" to buy an inexpensive set of varying sized belts.

Advanced Musical Electronics Los Angeles based authorized repair service for EMU, Kawai, Korg, Kurzweil, Nordlead, Roland and Yamaha gear. Will accept work shipped from anywhere in the world.
Alpha Entek Based in the heart of England & London and specialising in the service, repair, customising & restoration of most vintage keyboards and synths.
Analogics Cleveland based business that sells wooden Minimoog cabinet kits, ends and Prophet 600 wood replacement kits.
Analog Lab Expert audio repairs and services based in NYC USA. Authorized service for all major brands including Farfisa, Vox, Hammond, Rheem, ARP, Sequential, all Moog ( including modular ), Oberheim, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, PPG, Oxford Synthesizer Company, Serge Modular, Novation, Octave/Plateau, Electro-Harmonix, Tycobrahe, Colorsound, Morley, MXR, Maestro and Mutron/Musitronics.
Antech-Systems Based in Lower Dicker East Sussex UK they service electronic music gear including keyboards.
Audio Electronics Dallas based repair and service, authorised to work on most major brands.
Audio Rehab Burbank California based service that repairs pro audio gear for studios and musicians. Amps, Synths, Digital and Analog, Solid State or Tube.
Auxren LLC Nashville, Tennessee based. Certified Vintage Moog Repair pending. Fixed vintage and new Moogs (MiniMoog Model D, Voyager, Satellite, Rogue, ect.), Rolands (Juno-60, Jupiter 8, etc.), Korgs (MS series, ect.), Yamahas (Motif, DX, etc.), Arps (Omni, Odyssey, ect.), Farfisas, Hammond (B3, M2, ect.), Leslies, etc.
CAE Sound San Mateo CA USA based repair shop that services modern as well as vintage synths.
Chicago Electric Piano Company Restore Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner keyboards.
CustomSynth Individually hand made restoration panels, end cheeks and wooden sides for most major brands including MOOG, ROLAND, YAMAHA and KORG.
Cyberwave EMS Based in the U.K Hereford and London they specialise in the sale and repair of vintage synthesisers
Davidson Electronics Based in NY U.S.A Davidson Electronics is a full-service facility specializing in electronic musical instruments,ro Audio Sound Reinforcement pro audio sound reinforcement and analog & digital recording systems.
Ears Expert audio repairs and services based in NYC USA. Authorized service for all major brands including Farfisa, Vox, Hammond, Rheem, ARP, Sequential, all Moog ( including modular ), Oberheim, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, PPG, Oxford Synthesizer Company, Serge Modular, Novation, Octave/Plateau, Electro-Harmonix, Tycobrahe, Colorsound, Morley, MXR, Maestro and Mutron/Musitronics.
EL-Foil Sell Lightfoils and explains how to replace the foil in your LCD display. Has examples for the Casio FZ-1 and the Akai S-1000.
Electronic Edge Ohio based company offers expert repair and restoration of classic electric pianos and keyboards including Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet.
Electronic Instrument Repair Group A Yahoo Group discussing the repair of electronic instruments.
EPR Electronics Florida based business that has been in the business of servicing professional keyboards, guitar amps, power amps and pro audio gear since 1979.
Floppy Drive Solutions Sell replacement floppy disk drives for many electronic keyboards.
Hammond Hire UK Coventry based organ and classic keyboard restoration including Hammond and Vox organs, Clavinets, Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos and Moog synths. Official parts supplier for Korg, Vox and Marshall gear.
Major Key Sell Rhodes piano parts.
Mike Barden Mike Barden Surrey UK based repair of Technics, Korg, Roland and Yamaha keyboards.
MITA Techs USA Musical Instrument Technicians Association provides available techs close to your location. Appear to have a number of service manuals for sale.
Musitronics Sell data storage accessories for many arranger keyboards. Also expansion for Yamaha SY-77 and Roland D50/D550.
North Music Ltd. UK based ebay seller of synth parts.
Pianos1st A list of Australian digital keyboard technicians who offer repair services.
Prestige Malmesbury UK based repair service. Can repair all makes of old and new keyboard and synth disc drives. These include Roland, Yamaha, Technics, Korg and General Music. Any drives that are beyond repair and not available from the manufacterer can be replaced with a standard pc drive which have been modified. A good website that documents Russian vintage synthesizers and also provides manuals and schematics for some of them.
SCSI For Samplers SCSI Hard Drives, SCSI CDROM Drives, SCSI Adapter Cards and SCSI Cables for your Sampler. Carry compatible equipment for Akai, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Yamaha, Roland and E-Mu samplers.
SD Synth Information Resource Replacement Synthesizer Key Guide shows a wide range of keys plus they also have some used keys available for sale. There are also many links to online technical information for synthesizers.
Sound Logic Sell hard to find memory expansion for synths as well as backlights and custom sounds.
Synth Service UK (London) based synth service in modern and vintage gear including Akai, E-Mu, Roland and Yamaha.
Syntaur Productions Commercial patches & samples available for Ensoniq keyboards. Also Ensoniq manuals are available. They can also provide replacement ASR/TS floppy drives.
Synth Parts Sell some hard to find synth parts such as synth chips ( including CEM ), pots & sliders, knobs & slider caps, keys, switches , jacks etc.
Synth Professor UK, East Anglia based service and repair team specialising in analogue and digital synthesizers, drum machines, grooveboxes etc.
Synth-Restore UK based service provide synth restorations that include case and key repairs plus vinyl 'wood effect' veneers (used on some Moog models) can be repaired or replaced.
Synthesis Technology CEM Electromusic website with certain CEM series Curtis chips available.
Synthesizer Service A London UK synthesizer & electronic keyboard repair service. They also provide some useful info including the reset procedures for most synths.
SynthMuseum Repair Links SynthMuseum provide a page with some synth repair services available in the US and UK.
Synth Repair Services UK, Stoke-On-Trent based repair service specializing in analogue musical equipment.
Synth-Restore UK based synth repair sevice including ARP, MOOG, EMS, Korg, Yamaha and Roland keyboards.
Thesoniq A San Jose CA based business that provides Ensoniq service, repair and parts for many Ensoniq models that are officially unsupported. There are also many manuals available for download.
Time Electronics Offer a variety of instrument services and also sell Rhodes piano parts.
Vintage Planet Have an large list of vintage synth parts, accessories, sounds books and manuals available.
Vintage Synth Parts European site that has some parts available for a number of vintage synths.
Vintage Vibe A leader in manufacturing of obsolete parts for the Wurlitzer electric piano and the Fender Rhodes electric piano.
Virtual Music LCD backlights and keyboard upgrades for many different synth and keyboards. Experts on PPG, Fairlight CMI IIX, Elka Synthex and OSCar.

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