PAiA Electronics
Manufacturer of electronic DIY kits for music equipment including the PAiA Fatman analog synthesizer.

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PAiA Links

  • PAiA
  • Sell electronic kits including Fatman, a popular analog synth kit.
  • Cloned Analog Gear
  • Have PDF files with specs and tech info for a number of PAiA products including the PAIA 4700.
  • Marvin Jones
  • Marvin spent a time in various roles with PAIA 1974-1977 and provides background info and also documents and pictures for a number of PAIA products from the past.
  • Music Machine's PAiA Pages
  • Info on PAiA products including the Fatman.
  • Fatman/Theremax Reviews
  • Harmony Central user reviews on PAiA products.
  • PAiASynth Fan Club
  • Yahoo Group for discussion of all PAiA gear.
  • Sonicstate Reviews
  • Sonicstate provides PAiA reviews from users.

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