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Matrix 2001 is a Windows editor for the Oberheim Matrix-1000. Dave Smith and Ron Oberheim introduce the OB6
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Oberheim Links

  • Oberheim Reviews - Harmony-Central
  • A collection of Oberheim synth reviews at Harmony-Central.
  • Oberheim - Philipp Koltsov
  • Philipp provides patches and resources for many synths.
  • 4-Voice / 2-Voice
  • Jean-Phillipe presents his website for the Oberheim 4 Voice and 2 Voice analog synthesizers.
  • 4-Voice Info
  • Info and manual for the Oberheim 4-Voice polysynth.
  • 4-Voice Photos
  • Photos of the Oberheim 4-Voice polysynth.
  • 4-Voice - Joe's Modular Synth
  • Joe's modular synthesizer that he designed and built. Also some details of other projects including the MIDI Processor and deluxe Oberheim 4-Voice Interface designed and built for Lyle Mays.
  • Archive Sound
  • Vintage synth keyboard repair kits for Moog, Arp, Oberheim, and Sequential Prophet.
  • Audio Technical Information
  • A small but unique collection of documents describing some Roland & Ensoniq disk formats and also some Oberheim & Alesis sysex charts.
  • DMX Files
  • Modifications to DMX sound cards and info on creating your own EPROMs. DMX voice cards available for sale.
  • DX Manual
  • Manual available for the Oberheim DX.
  • Echoplex Digital Pro
  • Information & tips on using the Echoplex Digital Pro from Loopers Delight
  • IOTech Vintage Synth Patches
  • An archive of patches for analog synths stored as .WAV & sysex files to allow you to load then into your synth. The list of patch files includes MOOG, Roland, Korg, Crumar, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits & Oxford.
  • Kenton MIDI Retrofits
  • Kenton make MIDI retrofits for the Korg Trident, Poly6, Poly61, CX-3 and BX-3 organs as well as the Oberheim OB-X, OB-8, OB-Xa, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter, Juno-6, Juno-60 and Rhodes Chroma, plus Yamaha CS-70M and CS-80.
  • Matrix 1000 Info
  • Useful info, MIDI specs, firmware and hardware notes for the Matrix 1000.
  • Matrix 1000 - JSynthLib
  • A Java sysex librarion for Windows and BeOS with support plus a 2000 patch library for the Matrix 1000.
  • Matrix 1000 - M1000X
  • MacOSX editor for the Matrix-1000/6/6R synthesizers.
  • Matrix 1000 - Matrix 2001
  • Matrix 2001 is a Windows editor for the Matrix-1000. Demo is available to download.
  • Matrix 1000 - ObieEditor
  • Freeware MacOSX editor for the Matrix 1000.
  • Matrix 1000 - Retro-Sound
  • An original bank of sounds to download for the Matrix 100.
  • Matrix 1000 - Universal Manager
  • Windows sysex manager software with support for Waldorf Q, microQ and Microwave, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Access Virus and Novation Nova Laptop.
  • Matrix-1000/6/6R - Matrix Page
  • Support files for the Matrix 1000/6/6R.
  • Matrix-12 Resource Center
  • Offers patches, hints and tips plus other related resources for the Matrix-12
  • Matrix 6R - Block Diagram
  • Godric provides a block diagram of the M6R plus other related info.
  • Matrix6 - Kiwi
  • Kiwi is a Windows patch sender for Oberheim Matrix 6 with 1000 patches included.
  • Matrix6/6R/1000 Cheat Sheet
  • Hints and tips and a cheat sheet for editing the Matrix 6/6R and 1000.
  • Matrix6 - Music Machines
  • The Oberheim page at MM with software and info for the Matrix 6 plus a patch file for the Oberheim Xpander. and various documents & schematics for the OB-8
  • OB6 by DSI
  • A Sound-On-Sound review of the OB6 developed by Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith
  • OB6000
  • A Win95/NT Matrix 1000 & Matrix 6 patch editor. Demo available for download.
  • OB-8 - Magnus OB-8 Page
  • Provides scans of the OB-8 service manual.
  • OB-X / OB-8 - SOS Retro Review
  • Sound-On-Sound retro review of rhte OB-X and OB-8.
  • OB-X - I Satellite OB-X Review
  • A good review of the OB-X.
  • OB-X - OP-X
  • Sonicprojects remake of the legendary OB-X for VST and Reaktor.
  • OB-Xa
  • Detailed description of the OB-Xa.
  • OB-Xa - Clusterchord
  • MP3 demos featuring sound from the OB-Xa.
  • OBX Review
  • A review of the OB-X plus sound clips and manuals to download.
  • OBX/OB8 MIDI Retrofits
  • Encore make MIDI retrofits for the Oberheim OBX and OB8 as well as the Roland Jupiter 8
  • OBX/OB8 Factory Presets
  • Wave files to restore factory presets.
  • OP-X
  • Virtual Oberheim VST plugin.
  • Patchman Music
  • Commercial patches for the Matrix-6, Matrix-6R & Matrix-1000
  • SEM Chassis Designs
  • Archive of a past website with some DIY SEM chassis desgins in Acrobat PDF file format.
  • Sound Engineering
  • Commercial patches available for the Oberheim Xpander
  • Synth Fool
  • Includes patch sheets and schematics for many vintage synths including ARP, Sequential Circuits, Moog, Overheim, Korg and Roland.
  • Synth Services
  • Provide patch sheets for a number of analog synths. Will burn custom sound EPROMs for Linn, Oberheim and Simmons drum machines.
  • Unisyn
  • Mac editor / librarian from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for over 200 different midi devices including Oberheim Matrix-6, Matrix-12, Matrix-1000 & Xpander. Plus a very cool global snapshot feature to save your entire studio environment.
  • VSM Oberheim Page
  • Info on a variety of Oberheim synths at Virtual Synth Museum
  • Vintage Synth Explorer
  • Info and pictures of many vintage synths including Oberheim.

    Oberheim Files

  • Oberheim Files
  • Assorted files here at Synth Zone for Oberheim synths including patches and documents.
  • Matrix 12 patches - hyperreal
  • A patch file at Hyperreal
  • Oberheim Heaven
  • FTP archive with Matrix 6, Matrix 1000, OB8 and Xpander files to download including schematics and manuals.

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