Notation & Scoring Software
Musescore is free notation software for Mac, Linux and Windows. VirtMus is a freeware electronic music stand. MidiNotate is Windows software to create music scores from MIDI files. Treblis Software provide a Music Notation Reference Guide.

Notation and Scoring Software

  • Autoscore
  • Innovative pitch recognition Windows software from Wildcat Canyon that scores what you play or sing.
  • Free blank sheetmusic for you to print out on your printer.
  • Cakewalk
  • Make a wide range of MIDI/Audio sequencers for Windows with comprehensive notation tools.
  • Chord Studio
  • Software for the Mac that creates chord charts and can also generate a chord chart from a MIDI file. that arise in modern composition.
  • Chord Transcriber
  • Mac software utility that creates chord charts from music audio.
  • Capella
  • Capella is a powerful note processor publisher for Windows which provides effortless note input, editing, and publication quality printing.
  • Cubase VST Score & VST 24
  • Featuring integrated midi, professional scoring & audio. For more info & related links see Synth Zone's Cubase Links
  • Encore
  • Available for Mac & Windows. Notation and composition software from GVox/Passport.
  • Finale
  • Publishers of Finale notation software for Mac & PC, as well as SmartMusic with Vivace the intelligent accompianist software for vocalists, as well as winds and brass instruments. See the Finale Forum. And TG Tools sell plugins for Finale.
  • Forte Notation
  • Created by musicians for musicians, Forte is a unique and easy to use score writing software for everyday musicians, teachers and choir leaders. Try out Forte Free and upgrade if you like it.
  • GNU Lily Pond
  • Music typesetting software with binaries for Windows and Linux available. Source code is also available. See the GNU Forum Archives for discussion on Lily Pond.
  • Graphire Music Press
  • Professional music notation typesetting software for the Macintosh and Windows.
  • Igor Engraver
  • Igor Engraver is notation software for Windows and Macintosh.
  • Lime Notation Software
  • Notation software demo available for the Mac and Windows.
  • Logic Studio
  • A powerful MIDI/Audio sequencer for the Mac featuring comprehensive notation tools.
  • MagicScore
  • MagicScore create music notation and scoring software that is compatible with all Windows platforms. Demos are available to download and try out.
  • Midi Illustrator
  • Windows software that will allow you to notate, print, practice & play free Midi sheet music. Demo version of the software is available to download.
  • MidiNotate
  • Windows software to create music scores from MIDI files. Evaluation version available for download.
  • Midiscan
  • Musitek's Windows OCR music notation software that scans sheetmusic -> midi file.
  • Mozart Music Processor
  • Mozart is Windows notation software. Evaluation version available to download.
  • Mup
  • Mup from Arkkra Enterprises for Windows and Linux x86 is shareware notation software. Source code is available as well if you have a platform that is unsupported.
  • Musescore
  • Free open Source notation software for Mac, Linux and Windows. You can use this archive of Wikifonia Sheet Music with Musescore.
  • MusicEase
  • Windows software that is a combination music notation editor and automatic accompaniment creator.
  • Musicator Win
  • Notation and sequencing software for Windows.
  • Music Master
  • Datasonics present MIDI software with notation support.
  • Music Master Works
  • A shareware Windows sequencing & accompaniment package. Win95 & Win3.1 versions available. From Aspire software
  • MusicReader
  • A digital music stand for Windows XP and Vista that displays scanned sheet music. Demo available for download.
  • MusicXML
  • The standard open format for exchanging digital sheet music. You can use this archive of Wikifonia Sheet Music with MusicXML compatible software.
  • Nightingale
  • Nightingale is music notation software for the Mac. There is a freeware version available for download and the full version can be registered.
  • NoteWorthy
  • Shareware music composition and notation processor for Windows.
  • Pdftomusic Pro
  • Processes PDF files that have been exported from a score editor software into MIDI or MusicXML. Mac and Windows.
  • PDF Viewer
  • Jørgen's freeware Windows software for displaying music in PDF format. Also supports page turning with a foot switch.
  • Personal Composer Homepage
  • Pro scoring and notation software for Windows.
  • QuickScore
  • Sion Software present Windows publishing & composition software including QuickScore which offers sequencing, notation and other features.
  • Sibelius
  • Windows & Mac notation software featuring a fast & intuitive interface.
  • Symbolic Composer
  • SCOM 7 works together with Logic, Sibelius, Finale, Encore, Digital Performer, Reason or Reactor.
  • UnrealBook iPad
  • iPad app to display music notation charts.
  • VirtMus
  • The electronic music stand. Freeware software to display music notation on your Windows PC.


    Notation And Scoring Related Sites

  • ABC Notation Tutorial
  • Info on creating ABC notation files plus links to related software.
  • ABC Homepage
  • Plenty of information and links to articles on ABC notation.
  • Music Notation
  • Gerd Castan provides much useful information on his pages, available in English and German.
  • WEDELMUSIC allows publishers and consumers (theatres, orchestras, music schools, libraries, music shops, musicians) to manage interactive music; that is, music that can be manipulated: arranged, transposed, modified, reformatted, printed, etc., respecting copyright. It is an innovative support for preparing performances, studying music, analysing music, learning instruments, distributing music at low cost, etc. The same music objects will be available for traditional media and Braille.
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