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Wikipedia's Synthesizer reference is a nice overview of synthesizers in general. Digital Music World present tips and tutorials on using electronic music gear. An article worth reading is Sound-On-Sounds Improving Your PC Music System On A Budget

Synth & Midi Info Pages

  • Audio Forums
  • Features forums for a number of major software packages including Cakewalk, SAW, Sound Forge, Cubase, Samplitude & Cool Edit. Also good information for Studio Gear & Audio Hardware including how to setup Win95 systems for music.
  • Beginner's Synthesizer FAQ
  • Just new to synths & midi ? Finding it all a bit confusing ? Soundwave leads you through some of the basics to help you understand how it all works.
  • Bobby Nathan's Keyboard Articles
  • Some selected articles on midi, SMPTE and other related topics.
  • Computer Advice - Phil Rees
  • Phil Rees provides some info on setting up a PC for music.
  • DJ-Media MIDI Explained
  • Provides MIDI basics as well as information on MIDI standards and GM, GS etc.
  • Electronic Music Primer
  • A very comprehensive glossary of electronic music terms with graphic & audio examples. You will need the Shockwave plugin & a reasonably fast connection (as load times are heavy). Despite the wait time, this is a very useful & extremely well produced web presentation.
  • Exploring Midi
  • This site covers a broad range of midi topics. Explains basics, as well as more advanced information, including how to use midi on web pages.
  • Harmony Central Midi Info
  • Midi tutorial and info from the pages of Harmony Central
  • How To Articles
  • Tweakheadz provides "How To" articles on MIDI, sampling, digital audio plus more.
  • A good collection of articles on MIDI and electronic music from the International Association of Electronic Keyboard Manufacturers.
  • Intermusic - Synth Programming
  • An archive of what was Intermusic's synth programming series.
  • MIDI Channels, Voices, Timbres & Modes
  • Explanations of MIDI common terms and concepts from Phil Rees MIDI Accessories.
  • MIDI Farm Info Desk
  • A comprehensive collection of info/help pages from MIDI Farm for the beginner & advanced MIDI user.
  • Midisite's MIDI Overview
  • Midisite provide a good general explanation of MIDI and synthesizers and also includes links to other MIDI info web sites.
  • Midi Tutorials
  • Some tutorials that explain MIDI.
  • Midiwerk's Midi Pages
  • Good midi basics and intro to midi.
  • Musicians Friend Tech Tips
  • Includes an archive of tech tips over the past few years covering a range of muscical issues.
  • Musitech
  • Archive of a past online educational magazine covering music technology issues.
  • PC Music Guru tells you how you can use your PC for music creation.
  • PC Recording
  • A good source of information on using your PC for music production.
  • Red Faux
  • Apart from the sample library, this site also has a series of pages explaining basics of midi, sequencing, and analog synths.
  • Roland Sysex
  • Some sysex strings useful for Roland cards and modules
  • Samplenet Tutorials
  • Samplenet provide useful tutorials on digital recording as well as some Cubase guides.
  • Sonic Control FAQa
  • Sonic Control provide good coverage of MIDI with FAQs, chat forum and other resources.
  • Synthesizer Purchase Guide
  • Helps to determine what sort of requirements you have and presents some models that may suit.
  • Tweakheadz
  • Lots of info and and FAQs on all facets of electronic music production
  • Twin Cities
  • Twin Cities midi info & FAQs for both Mac & PC users.
  • Using Sysex Commands
  • A guide to sysex hex commands, what they mean, how to use them & hex-2-decimal translation charts.
  • What Is A Synthesizer
  • A good introduction to synthesizers, explained in an easy to understand manner. Also available to read in Swedish

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