PC-JX8P for Windows

PC-JX8P is a software emulation of the original PG-800 and adds the capability to load and save sounds.
It is not a virtual JX-8P.

When I got my JX-8P I soon was tired of editing the sounds with the only one edit slider and decided to program this editor.

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Sorry, only beta version for Windows available.
If you want to be notified about new releases, please send me an e-mail.

PCJX8PB1.ZIP PC-JX8P 3.3 BETA 4, exe only (VB6 runtimes required!) (337 kB)
PCJX8PB1.ZIP PC-JX8P 3.3 BETA 4, full setup kit (1797 kB)

Here still the older version:
PCJX8PB1.ZIP PC-JX8P for Windows BETA 3.010 (143 kB)

You need also DLL's for PC-JX8P for Windows BETA version (767 kB).
Please excuse the German error messages :)

You have to download the two files and unzip them into the same directory.

README.TXT for PC-JX8P for Windows BETA 3.10 (1 kB).

The older DOS version is available though:
PCJX8P23.ZIP PCJX8P23.ZIP (130kB).