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Here you will find how to get that lost FZ manual.

FZ Manuals


We are all very luck that Casio still is offering manuals at no cost for the FZ. Unlike other Casio manuals you can't call in your request (if you need a non-FZ manual you can have a copy sent to you by calling Casio's live support at: 973-328-1670 9:00AM-5:00PM E.S.T.Monday-Friday). You will need to send a letter to request a manual. I do not know if this service is offered to customers outside of the United States. To get your free manual send your request to:

Casio Inc.

ATTN: Archives

570 Mount Pleasant Ave.

Dover, N.J. 07801


I only know of one book, now out of print, which is worth the effort of finding. It is titled Casio FZ-1 & FZ-10m: Digital Sampling Synthesizer- The Essential Guide to Practical Applications by Joe Scacciaferro and Steve Defuria.

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