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Owner Manuals

  • Alexander Publishing Synth Guides
  • Instructional books and tutorials for a number of older Alesis, E-Mu, Ensoniq, Korg, Roland and Yamaha keyboards.
  • Sell a wide range of Korg parts and manuals.
  • AMS - Analog Synth Manuals
  • Analogue Modular Systems provide manuals for many vintage synths including Aries, ARP, EMS, Chroma Polaris, MOOG, Oberheim, Roland, Yamaha, Korg & Sequential Circuits.
  • Bleeps-And-Peeps
  • Provides Owner Manuals, Schematics ,Service Manuals and Sysex/Wav files for synths and keyboards.
  • Bluesynths
  • Reviews, manuals, pictures and info for a range of synths. Plus MP3 sound demos are available.
  • E-Music DIY Manuals Archive
  • Service manuals and schematics available to download for a number of vintage synths.
  • Encyclotronic
  • Info and manuals for a wide range of electronic audio products.
  • Fender - Mr GearHead
  • Provides schematic diagrams for Fender keyboard amps as well as other Fender amps and guitars. This really is a great site if you are also into guitars.
  • Fdiskc Manual Archive
  • A very nice archive of owner and service manuals for older synths presented by Fdiskc. Also has synth pics and ad brochures available.
  • Lojinx
  • A good collection of manuals for analog synths.
  • Midimanuals
  • Free manuals for many synths.
  • Midiworld
  • Provides specs and documentation for a number of recent synths including Korg, Yamaha and E-Mu/Ensoniq.
  • MusicPlanet PDF Archive
  • A large archive of manuals for music gear. The hard part is working out what you want because the filenames don't indicate it.
  • Museum Of The Soviet Synths
  • A very good website that documents Russian vintage synthesizers and also provides manuals and schematics for some of them.
  • Online Manual Archive
  • OMA has some links to manuals and schematics available online.
  • Sell service manuals in PDF format.
  • Mark Glinsky's Private List
  • Mark is a private collector of many rare manuals and is able to provide copies for a fee.
  • Professional Sound & Music
  • Sell schematics and service manuals for pro audio gear.
  • Retrosynth Document Library
  • Have a collection of vintage synth service manuals and documents.
  • Rogue Music Manuals
  • Rogue Music provide manuals for many synths.
  • Route 66
  • Sell parts and manuals and now introducing repair services for many Ensoniq, E-Mu, Alesis and Roland synthesizers. Wooden ends for many older synths and samplers are also now available.
  • Roland
  • Roland have made user manuals for their products available online.
  • Schematic Connection
  • A personal schematic collection built up over 30 years covering a wide range of synthesizers and other music electronic gear. There is a list of all available schematics.
  • Syntaur - Ensoniq Manuals
  • Syntaur can supply accessories and owner manuals for Ensoniq equipment.
  • Manuals, schematics and info on many classic synths.
  • Synthesized Dreams
  • Includes an archive of some patch sheets and manuals for gear including the SCI Six-Trak, the Roland Alpha Juno, CSQ-100 and PG-300 programmer
  • Synthesizer Of Schematics
  • Schematics and auto calibration for many brands of synths. Be warned there are popups with this website. Service manuals are also available for sale.
  • Synth Services
  • Various service schematics and bulletins online.
  • Synat
  • A collection of synth manuals in German.
  • Synthman
  • A large collection of manuals for synths.
  • Synthfool
  • A variety of vintage synth manuals and documents available.
  • Synti Groep
  • More than 20.000 synth and audio manuals available for sale. Available in many languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and more.
  • Vintagesynth Manual Page
  • Vintage Synth Explorer had links to some manuals available online including the Korg M1, Access Virus, Roland Juno 106, JX-3P, TR-909, TB-303, PG-300 and SH-101.
  • Yamaha web site dedicated to its range of synths. Support files are available including many users manuals in Acrobat PDF format.

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