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Electronic Music Magazines, Publications & Journals

  • Alternate Music Press
  • AMP is an online magazine that provides music articles and interviews with current artists.
  • Audio Media
  • European audio magazine that also covers synths, samplers plus other audio gear.
  • Billboard
  • Web site of the influentual music industry magazine, Billboard.
  • Canadian Musician
  • Canadian musicians magazine
  • Computer Music Journal
  • Long established academic journal covering technical issues & research in electronic music.
  • Computer Music
  • A magazine devoted to computer technology featuring news, help and current reviews of hardware and software products. The web site also provides a discussion forum and selected articles from the magazine.
  • Digital Prosound
  • An online digital music website with many press releases of interest to digital musicians.
  • Electronic Musician
  • The official web site of Electronic Musician magazine. A cool site with tips from EM's editorial staff and also provides a search tool. A very informative magazine for all electronic musicians. EM provides much relevant & coverage of keyboards, synths & samplers plus a wide range of related recording & audio products. EM Spotlight is always worth visiting online for articles on musicians and music gear.
  • Future Music Magazine
  • Future Music is a UK based keyboard and electronic music magazine containing both cutting edge and retropsective reviews and information.
  • Interface Magazine
  • A bi-monthly magazine featuring computer music & audio. The magazine is in Dutch only but the web site provides info in English.
  • Keyboard Magazine
  • The leading keyboard publication. Provides cutting edge reports on keyboards and related products as well as interviews with featured artists. features informative videos on electronic keyboards. See them on facebook
  • Keyboards Online
  • Online site from German magazine "Keyboards" with info and files from past worshops. (German language only)
  • Keyboard Player
  • The website of Keyboard Player magazine. The longest running keyboard magazine in the U.K. established in 1979.
  • Keys
  • "Keys Magazine" from Germany. Includes files & resources for you to download. (no English language option)
  • Making Music
  • "Each issue of Making Music offers inspiration, instruction, and information for the amateur musician. Read stories about music makers from all walks of life, learn about the latest medical research into the benefits of making music, discover tips to make you learn better and get the most out of your hobby."
  • MEMI
  • MEMI - Magazin fuer Elektronische Musik im Internet. An online German electronic music magazine with news, reviews, online discussions as well as other features. German language only.
  • Mix Online
  • Homepage of Mix magazine. Pro audio resources but still very pertinant to all recording enthusiasts who aspire for pro quality results. Essential reading for the serious recording artist.
  • MMR Online
  • Musical Merchandise Review presents news for the music products industry.
  • Allows you to search for any type of music magazine and provides contact info and URL if available.
  • Musician Online
  • Musician magazine web site with some relevant articles for musicians.
  • Presented by publisher of Keyboard magazine, Miller Freeman. Includes plenty of reviews, lessons and resources from their stable of music magazines.
  • Music Tech Magazine
  • Provides a wide coverage of computer hardware and software for music creation. Good product reviews as well as tips and hints. A well presented magazine recommended for all computer musicians.
  • Musikkpraksis Online
  • A Norwegian electronic keyboard magazine covering new releases and industry news. Norwegian language option only.
  • Piano Today
  • Magazine with playing tips and info for piano players.
  • ProAudioReview
  • Pro audio review magazine with some reviews archived and available online.
  • Prorec
  • Pro recording webzine that includes info on digital audio recording, related software and music computer technology.
  • Recording
  • Recording magazine's web site with subscription info and back issue ordering. Recording's publication covers a wide range of topics relevent to the recording musician. It includes the latest reviews of electronic hardware and software plus many recording tips.
  • Remix
  • Magazine that provides reviews and tips on digital audio and softsynth software plus plenty of info on remix techniques.
  • Samplepoolz
  • German online magazine dedicated to audio sampling. SamplepoolZ provides reviews of sample CDs as well as an extensive links database. English and German language options available.
  • Sheet Music Magazine
  • Piano and sheet music for great hit songs in every issue plus lessons on harmony, theory, pop, jazz.
  • Sound On Sound
  • The official home of Sound-On-Sound pro audio magazine. A very good UK based gear magzaine with lots of relevant keyboard & electronic music gear reviews. See them on facebook
  • Virtual Instruments Magazine
  • Features software instruments including synths and samplers.

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