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  • Core Review
  • A review from Sound-On-Sound magazine with some trouble shooting tips on installing and setting up the Lexicon Core PC card.
  • Effects Database
  • Great effects database page at Harmony Central including Lexicon info & user reviews.
  • LXP-1 and LXP-5 Patches
  • Read here for more info.
  • LXP-5 Editor MSDOS
  • Read for info
  • LXP-5 Editor - Win95
  • New V5.1 !!! Freeware Win95 editor for the LXP-5 kindly uploaded by Andrey Mayevsky at
  • MPX-100 Patch Selector
  • Windows software that allows you to select patches on the MPX-100 for auditioning, and assign names and comments. The enclosed help file explains how to then select the same patch from your sequencer. This is just an archived version of the web page for some background info. You can download the software from here.
  • MPX-100 Mac Editor
  • There is a shareware MPX-100 editor available for the Mac
  • Reflex & LXP-1 Editor Win3.1
  • Should work with any Win3.1 midi driver
  • Reflex Midi
  • Technical document on the Reflex midi implementation.
  • Vortex Database
  • Website with info and resources for the Lexicon Vortex.

    Lexicon Related Products

  • Midi Quest - Sound Quest Inc.
  • Powerful Universal Editor/Librarian software for Win 98, 95, NT 4.0, and 3.1 , Midi Quest for Windows supports over 360 synths, samplers, effects units and drum machines including the LXP-1 LXP-5, and LXP-15. Also available for the Mac, Amiga, and Atari ST.
  • MPX-100 Editor Librarian
  • Macintosh software that allows you to edit and catalog MPX-100 presets. Demo available for download.
  • Sound Diver - Emagic
  • A full featured universal sound editor for the Mac with support for over 360 samplers, synths & other midi devices including the Lexicon 300, LXP-1, LXP-15, LXP-5, PCM 70, PCM 80 V1.10 & PCM 90
  • Unisyn
  • Great Mac & PC editor / librarian from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for over 200 different midi devices including Lexicon LXP-1, LXP-5, LXP-15 and PCM-70. Plus a global snapshot feature to save your entire studio environment,

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