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Ketron Links

  • Ketron
  • The official Ketron company web site for Ketron synths & digital pianos.
  • KetronMusic UK
  • UK distributor site presenting Ketron products. Checkout the latest Audya Styles.
  • Ketron US
  • US distributor site with support files, tips and reviews for Ketron keyboards.
  • Audya -
  • Enhanced KETRON Products - Boost your Ketron Gear and receive full Product Support here!
  • Provides sounds to download for the Ketron X1 & SD1, Korg Triton and Kurzweil 2xxx keyboards.
  • Create Song Styles
  • Forums for creating styles for arranger keyboards including Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Ketron, GEM and Mediastation.
  • Jazz Hooves
  • Site with arranger keyboard news and information.
  • Ketron Group
  • An active Yahoo group discussion for Ketron products.
  • KetronSoltonWorld
  • A French Yahoo Group for Solton & Ketron products.
  • Ketron Reviews - Harmony Central
  • User reviews on a range of Ketron keyboards and synths at Harmony-Central.
  • Midispot
  • Sell styles and MIDI files for Yamaha, Roland, Solton, Korg, GEM and Technics keyboards.
  • SD-1 - Abdallah Safar
  • A collection of oriental sounds for the SD-1.
  • SD-1 Cakewalk INS Files
  • Hansruedi Huber provides his Instrument Definitions file for Cakewalk. Drumsets are included as well newly updated OS4.0a files.
  • SD-1 - MSP Editor
  • KMSP is freeware Windows beta software for editing the SD-1 from Dan Zeitoun.
  • Solton MS Series
  • An archive of a past site. Only some Solton MS series styles are still available for download.
  • Solton - Style's Arranger
  • An archive of an Italian site with some Solton MS-series styles available for download.
  • Sound Company
  • Commercial styles available for the Solton SD-1 and X1. A free drumkit available for the X1.
  • Styles & Music
  • Commercial styles available for the SD-1, X1 and X4 as well as Roland, Technics and Yamaha arranger keyboards.
  • TheLoneArrangers
  • Forum for arranger keyboards.
  • USB Styles CDROMs
  • Commercial styles available for Solton, Roland & Korg synths. Some sample styles available for download.
  • vArranger
  • Arranger software that runs on the PC and drives a Ketron SD-2 modules. Here is a BabelFish English translation.
  • X1 - Abdallah Safar
  • A collection of oriental sounds for the X1.
  • X1 - MMX1Reg
  • A freeware Windows registration block manager for the X1.
  • X-Series Cakewalk INS File
  • Carlo Recour kindly provided this Cakewalk instrument definition file for Ketron X-series keyboards.

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