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Kawai Corporate Sites

  • Kawai USA
  • Kawai product info plus OS upgrades from the official Kawai US website. Plus they make many manuals available as PDF files to download. You can also download support files.
  • Kawai Australia Homepage
  • Kawai Australia with info on a range of products plus operating system upgrades & serial driver available. See the downloads page for OS files.
  • Kawai Germany
  • Kawai Germany's official site. German language only.
  • Kawai Japan
  • Kawai Japan's official web site. Japanese lanuage only.

    Kawai Links

  • Kawai Reviews - Harmony Central
  • User reviews on a range of Kawai keyboards and synths at Harmony-Central.
  • Kawai - Sealed's Deep Synthesis Page
  • Good info and links to resources for a wide range of synths and keyboards including Kawai.
  • Kawai K3
  • Mark Lakata's K3 & K3M page
  • K1 Librarian Page - Mac
  • A page featuring a Mac K1 librarian.
  • K1 - Planet Zero
  • Info and links to resources for the K1.
  • K1 - Sequencing With the K1
  • A 1994 Sound-On-Sound article discussing how to sequence on the K1.
  • K11/GMega - DirectEdit
  • A Windows patch editor for the K11 and GMega synths is in development and available for download. There is also a DirectEdit bank of sounds that you can try with the software.
  • K11/GMega - Kawai Sounds Page
  • K4 & K11/GMega patches from Stephan Kirschnick's page. Also features a page on editors available for the K11.
  • K4/K4r
  • Twilek's page with technical info, sysex files plus other resources for K4/K4R owners.
  • K4/K4R Mailing List
  • This site is the home of the K4/K4R mailing list plus it also has sysex files, tech info and links to related software.
  • K4/K4R Sounds - Synthetic-Sounds
  • Some free K4 plus K1 and K5000 patches to download at Synthetic-Sounds.
  • K4 & K1 - Synthesite 2000
  • Some free K4 and K1 patches to download in Stuffit compressed format.
  • K5 - Kfuentf
  • Info & resources for the K5 plus Klaus has mirrored online files for the K5 from sites that have now disappeared.
  • K5 Page
  • Info & resources for the K5
  • K5000 Classic Patches
  • Tips, links and patches to download for the K5000
  • K5000 - K5k Editor
  • A Java K5000 editor and K5000 patches are vailable for download from Xaza's House.
  • K5000 Group
  • A Yahoo discussion group for users of the K5000 synth.
  • K5000 - Hans Nicander's K5K Page
  • Offers technical impressions and info on the K5000 as well as patches to download.
  • K5000s Patch Archive
  • Includes a K5000 message board & K5000s patch archive. From "Eat At Joe's Studio".
  • K5000 Morf Tutorial
  • A tutorial to help you obtain predictable effects using the Morf function on the K5000.
  • K5000 Resource Page - Wizoo
  • Although this Wizoo page seems to be unmaintained it still has valid links to OS and patch files plus other K5000 resources online.
  • K5000 - SBS Media
  • Provide an archive of patches for a variety of synths including the K5000.
  • K5000 Tips & Techniques
  • Tips and links to resources for the K5000.
  • K5000W - Stoffel's Home
  • German language web site with K5000W sounds, MIDI implementation chart plus tips and tricks.
  • Music Machine Kawai Page
  • Info, pics & some files
  • Midi Hell
  • Includes some Kawai (various models) patches, programs and other assorted synth & midi files from an archive of what was once Cyberden
  • SoundLib
  • Freeware Windows librarian includes support for K1, K1m, K1r, K1 II, K3 & K4
  • SX-210 Page
  • Site with pictures, info and links for the SX-210.
  • SX-210 Group
  • Yahoo group for users of the SX-210.

    Kawai Patches

  • K3 patches and info -
  • K4 patches - ucsd
  • K5 patches - ucsd
  • Various Kawai patches at Synth Zone

  • Kawai Software

  • ChangeIt Win3.1 K1 Editor tentatively claims it supports K1 II & K1R also..
  • K1 patch displayer for IBM-PC
  • K1 patch editor for IBM-PC
  • K1 patch sculptor for Atari
  • K1 patch editor for Amiga
  • K1 librarian for Macintosh
  • K11 / GMEGA Editor Win3.1 Read be_k11.txt for unzip info
  • K4 Editor for Amiga
  • K4 Librarian for Macintosh
  • K4WIN Windows Editor/Lib From Bill Wresnicow
  • K4 Librarian for Windows
  • Q-80 Disk Utility - PC

  • Kawai Related Products

  • Greg's Music Centers
  • A Florida based dealer of Technics, Kawai and Hammond keyboards.
  • Greytsounds
  • K1, K4 and XD-5 sounds from the Soundsource catalog.
  • ManyMidi Products
  • Patches for Ensoniq, Kawai, Korg & Roland synths. Their patches come with a money back guarantee !! That's confidence for you.
  • Midi Quest - Sound Quest Inc.
  • Powerful Universal Editor/Librarian software for Win 98, 95, NT 4.0, and 3.1 , Midi Quest for Windows supports over 360 synths, samplers, effects units and drum machines including the GMega, K1, K1R, K1 II, K3, K3-m K4, K4R, K5, K5-m, K5000S, K5000R, K11, R-50, R-100, Spectra, and XD-5. Also available for the Mac, Amiga, and Atari ST.
  • Sound Diver - Emagic
  • A full featured universal sound editor for Mac & Win95/NT with support for over 360 samplers, synths & other midi devices including the Kawai K1, K1m, K1r, K4, K4r, K5, K5m, K5000W, K5000S, K5000R, RV-4 & XD-5
  • Sound Logic
  • Synthesizer & computer music products including RAM cards for the K1 & K4
  • Unisyn
  • Great Mac & PC editor / librarian from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for over 200 different midi devices including Kawai K1, K1-m, K1-II, K3, K3-m, K4, K4r, K5, K5-m Plus a global snapshot feature to save your entire studio environment. Very cool.

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