KAT is now distributed by Alternate Mode

KAT Links

  • KAT - Alternate Mode
  • KAT MIDI percussion controller products. They are nowdistributed worldwide by Alternate Mode the MIDI Drummer's Website
  • Kurzweil Drummer's Kit
  • Archived site with KAT info and links on the Kurzweil Drummer's Kit which also has a lot of good drum related info for K2000/K2500 owners. Presented by K2000/K2500 Launch Pad
  • Sysex dump / Factory kits
  • Official factory kits. Read info file for details. Kindly uploaded by Tony Palermo
  • Unisyn
  • Great Mac editor from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for DrumKat 3.5 plus 216 other midi devices.

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