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The abandoned GeneralMusic Factory in Italy.
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Generalmusic Links

  • Official Generalmusic web site. Some downloadable support files are available. Generalmusic however is no longer in business. You can still download user manuals.
  • Create Song Styles
  • Forums for creating styles for arranger keyboards including Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Ketron, GEM and Mediastation.
  • Harmony-Central Generalmusic Reviews
  • A collection of Generalmusic hardware reviews at Harmony-Central. And some listed under GEM Reviews
  • Equinox Cakewalk Panel
  • This Italian site provides an Equinox Cakewalk Panel as well as some CAL scripts for Cakewalk.
  • Equinox Patcher
  • A free PC utility that allows you to replace ROM performances with user performances on the Generalmusic Equinox.
  • Equinox Players Site
  • Tips, documents etc. for the Generalmusic Equinox
  • Danish S-2 Users Group email contact
  • Email based group for Danish S-2 users.
  • GEMClub
  • The UK based GEMClub provides user support and resources for its registered members, but also offers tutorials and technical documents for public viewing. Also see the GeneralMusic Cakewalk INS files kindly uploaded by GEMClub founder Dave Williams.
  • Genesys -
  • Downloads and resources at this German site for the Genesys.
  • S-Series Turbopage
  • An Italian site with info, doc, progs and sounds for Generalmusic S-Series keyboards.
  • Real Piano Review
  • Intermusic reviews the Real Piano.

    Related Products

  • d-o-o
  • Sell MIDIfiles and styles for the PA1x and Genesys arranger keyboards.
  • GEMClub
  • Supporting all Generalmusic keyboards with a range of accessories, including Mega Floppy. It is also again ther home of the reformed GEM Club for all Generalmusic owners. There is also a range of other music products available.
  • Midispot
  • Sell styles and MIDI files for Yamaha, Roland, Solton, Korg, GEM and Technics keyboards.
  • Music Media Soft
  • Make styles for WK and WX-SX keyboards.
  • Pro-Rec Sounds
  • Sounds, sample disks and CDs. Support for S2, S3 & WS3.
  • Sound Logic
  • Synthesizer & computer music products, including a range of accessories for for Generalmusic keyboards (RAM expansion, video interfaces etc)

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