Converting SMF (*.mid) to Ensoniq TS-10 Sequence

Posted by: IntrepidErie

Converting SMF (*.mid) to Ensoniq TS-10 Sequence - 01/28/11 11:40 AM

Anyone using Gieblerís software to convert SMF (*.mid) files to TS-10 sequences? I donít think Giebler is supporting their old DOS-based software any longer, because I cannot get any response from them. I have an old Dell laptop with internal floppy drive that was just sitting around gathering dust, so I set it up as a Win98SE machine with Gieblerís Ensoniq TS-10 software suite on it. You run the software from DOS/command prompt.

The EDM tool works fine to format disks and transfer sound patches, ASR samples, and other files to and from Ensoniq formatted disks. But when converting SMF to a TS-10 sequence, everything is getting merged into track 1. Yes, the SMF sequence files have 12 separate channels, each channel on itís own track. But after conversion, everything is mixed together on track 1.
Posted by: IntrepidErie

Re: Converting SMF (*.mid) to Ensoniq TS-10 Sequence - 01/28/11 11:43 AM

If I canít get the sequence file conversion to work, how about some help getting midi to play/record in Multi mode. I can set up my external sequencer to play all the midi into the TS-10, which uses Multi mode to record it all onto channels/tracks 1-12. But it often overloads with midi data and resets itself.

I have not bothered getting the sequencer expander, because it is my understanding that the midi input buffer is different from the actual sequencer memory that holds all the songs. You can get as large a sequencer memory as possible, but the midi input buffer will still remain small and will still get overloaded when sending in 12 full channels/tracks using Multi mode.