Is the TS10 a sampler in Synths clothing?

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Is the TS10 a sampler in Synths clothing? - 05/20/99 08:44 PM

Wondering if someone can help me with a idea. Keyboard magazine in it's review of the original TS10 a couple of years ago said that it could be had with a SCSI port and could use samples from the ASR and ESP range.

Future Music reviewd the Peavey SP/SX sampler/replay units when the SX2 was released. (Yes we are talking ancient and archaic music technology here!). These units had sample transfer accross SCSI down to a fine art for the time.

My question is, If I aquired a TS10 with SCSI and a Peavey SX2 sampler unit, could I use the SX as a sampling frontend for the TS, thus turning it into both a synth and fully fuctioning sampler in one go? What would the RAM (sample time) limits be? How limited is the sample editting in the TS10? Can it save samples to disk, (hard or floppy), and in what format? I know that if it can accept SCSI samples, the TS and a computer sample editor would be more powerful but I'm partial to keeping all my gear hardware based for reliability, ease of use, and roadworthyness. (I also just like getting one piece of gear and seeing how far I can take it musically beyond it's "limits" with only my imagination :-) ).

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Re: Is the TS10 a sampler in Synths clothing? - 05/21/99 02:43 AM

The TS10/12 can only edit samples and save them only as "sample edits" meaning, after you have edited a sample and you go to re-load, you have to load the original sample and then load your sample edits as the TS will not copy the original sample. From what I remember, you do have access to every EPS and ASR10 parameter for editing.
The max sample ram is 8 megs using two 4x8 30 pin SIMMs. I hope this helps some.
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Re: Is the TS10 a sampler in Synths clothing? - 05/25/99 12:43 AM

Thanks for the reply, I'd still like to hear any other ideas from anyone.

If the TS10 can only save sample edits to disk what about using a SCSI hard drive to go from the SX to the drive and then from the drive to the TS10? If the TS10 can edit as well as the ASR10 can then from what I remember it could be fairly powerful. Can the TS save to the SCSI port or only recieve info?

All help appreciated,
Thanks all.