Ensoniq DP/2 Battery?

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Ensoniq DP/2 Battery? - 01/14/03 03:14 PM


My Ensoniq DP/2 effects processor is telling me that it has a low battery. My manual tells me that this can only be replaced by an authorized dealer. The last time I had it worked on by EMU the bench time was $100.00 per hour. Does anyone have any experience replacing batteries on this effects processor. What is involved and is it possible that I could do it myself, if I could find a replacement battery. I'm no technical genius but I can solder...

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Re: Ensoniq DP/2 Battery? - 01/29/03 01:05 AM

I haven't changed the battery in this particular processor but usually changing the battery is not usually a big deal. Although some older gear does have the battery soldered to the motherboard I would think that this is modern enough to be in a clip. I would at least open the unit and take the battery to somewhere like Radio Shack and see if they can provide you with a compatible battery that you could use.
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Re: Ensoniq DP/2 Battery? - 01/29/03 01:08 AM

Oh yeah, as with any electronic gear, if you have set up any custom patches of your own make sure you do a sysex dump to your computer before disconnecting the battery as any presets in memory will be lost at this time. Then you will be able to retransmit the patches when you have a new battery installed in it.
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Re: Ensoniq DP/2 Battery? - 01/29/03 08:14 AM


Thanks for the reply. I have the situation taken care of. The battery inside the DP/2 is a Panasonic BR2032-1HE. This battery is a 20mm coin type "with legs". In other words it has a clip permanently attached to it. This clip is then soldered onto the DP/2 circuit board. This battery is available at: www.digikey.com.

I did not go this route. I went to: http://www.hometown.aol.com/mishon66/

They have the Panasonic BR2032 with no clip permanently attached. With this they include a separate clip. It is much easier to solder the clip (with no battery) onto the circuit board and then slide the new battery in. Also, the next time it goes bad, I just slide a new battery in, no soldering. The unit is up and working.