ASR-10 help needed...

Posted by: miffmole

ASR-10 help needed... - 09/13/01 09:06 PM

I never got a manual with my ASR-10, so there's obviously a ton of things I don't know...
Here's my question:
Is it possible to have different reverbs (effects, or whatever) on each individual instrument while playing live? Or how about on sequences? For instance, when I try to put distortion on a guitar patch, it puts distortion on everything...Is there a solution to this, or is this just a limitation of the ASR-10?
Posted by: Cloakboy

Re: ASR-10 help needed... - 09/21/01 10:02 PM

You can only have one effect at a time, but you can avoid distorting other instruments by going to edit>wave then scrolling to the left until you get to BUS 1... change that to Bus 2 (probably just reverb) or Bus 3 (completely dry.)
Posted by: miffmole

Re: ASR-10 help needed... - 09/22/01 10:06 AM

Thanks for your reply. I'll give that a try.