ensoniq esq1 brass 1 brass 1 brass1

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ensoniq esq1 brass 1 brass 1 brass1 - 10/26/04 03:43 PM

help i have an esq1 and when i turn it on it says warning battery low and i get brass 1 brass1 brass1 in all banks if i replace the battery will i regain my factory sounds or do i need to buy some kind of disk or upgrade

thanks tom
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Re: ensoniq esq1 brass 1 brass 1 brass1 - 11/12/04 05:56 AM

Hello Tom,

If the battery has died, so has the internal memory. The ESQ-1 came with a cartridge that included the original bank of sounds. If you do not have this cartridge, you can probably find a download by searching for ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Factory Sounds.

I did this and came up with several possibilities. Here are just two:
I know if you get in touch with Syntaur they will have these sounds.
I don't know anything about this site, but it has some interesting things. Although I would be hesitant to try some of these "hacker tricks" as it could render instrument useless.

Good luck,