New owner of broken EPS needs advice

Posted by: digitaldave

New owner of broken EPS needs advice - 01/14/03 01:42 PM

Just picked up a doa EPS cheap. Before I invest in the schematics and tech docs, maybe someone here can help. It powers up with all track lights lit, does not make any attempt to access the floppy. Eack key will put something on the display. It does not get hot or even warm.
I checked the F1-F5 fuses, all good. Next to the fuses is a connector labeled "transformer" (though I think that it is more than just the transformer). Top to bottom, I get 1)12vac 2)0v 3)0v 4)0v 5)27vdc 6)27vdc.
(from memory)
I have seen plenty of posts on the overheating issue. I suspect either the transformer (whick I will dig out of the unit tonight if required), or a fauly power supply. Any information or direction here would be sincerly appreciated.

Digital Dave
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Re: New owner of broken EPS needs advice - 01/14/03 06:21 PM

As a dealer 4 years ago I aquired the same model keyboard[ I believe we had a $100 in it] It acted up the same as you described and it was believed to be a problem with its ability to read the boot up floppy. The concensus was that it was not worth investing any more ..I gave it to another dealer for parts..
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Re: New owner of broken EPS needs advice - 01/15/03 07:59 AM

The EPS is a nice vintage sampler and, in my humble opinion, worth fixing. Especially for what appears to be a minor issue. Power supplies & transformers are relatively inexpensine and easy to replace. I will probably order the schematics and tech docs soon, but was hoping that someone with these docs could give me the basic values for transformer outs and dc power supply voltage outs... If anyone else has a broken EPS, I'd be more than happy to consider taking it off of your hands...

Dave Harding

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Re: New owner of broken EPS needs advice - 01/29/03 10:24 PM

it needs a new lithium battry