Need SQ80 Service Info

Posted by: Anonymous

Need SQ80 Service Info - 12/03/98 12:36 AM

Does anyone know of a source for service info (schematics, service manuals, etc.) for the SQ-80?

I am starting to get frequent keyboard calibration failures and spontaneous resets. Any hints as to what may be failing?
Posted by: Chip Adams

Re: Need SQ80 Service Info - 12/09/98 11:28 AM

I too own an SQ80. Having experienced the same problems, I replaced the internal battery and all was well. Cost of battery was about $12. The literature you want should be available thru an Ensoniq dealer although it will have to be ordered as probably will the battery. The SQ80 still, to me, makes a nice controller and,coupled with other modules, makes a nice simple 8 track seq. Hope this helps a little......Chip