ASR-10 and midi thru

Posted by: Buffy

ASR-10 and midi thru - 12/01/98 08:02 AM

I have an ASR-10, ASR-X and a Groovebox all running with Cakewalk 6.0 as the master sequencer. I have a dual midi port (ie. two ins and two outs) whereby the X & the 10 are linked up.

I tried to connect the groovebox midi thru from the ASR-10 to midi in on the groovebox. I want to be able to use midi channels 1-8 on port 1 for the ASR-10 and channels 9-16 also on port 1 for the groovebox (midi thru) What happens is that the ASR-10 is sending all midi info received on channels 1-8 to the groovebox, therefore the groovebox is playing midi messages that are only intended for the ASR-10.

How do I stop this?
Posted by: buinu

Re: ASR-10 and midi thru - 12/02/98 02:47 AM

In the sequencer section, Ensoniq used to have an option of "midi off" along with local, external and both. If this option is available, you can assign it to the tracks which you want to mute.
Posted by: Buffy

Re: ASR-10 and midi thru - 12/02/98 02:56 AM

the thing is I don't want to mute any tracks, I just dont want midi info passing to the the thru port on channels 1-8???!!!

If I do mute the tracks, then the sounds from the ASR-10 will not play, or will they?
Posted by: buinu

Re: ASR-10 and midi thru - 12/03/98 02:31 AM

If you are using the ASR10s sequencer only to create a set-up i.e. not actually recording onto the sequencer but channel x is program x, create your set-up so that channels 9- 16 (or 12?) have their midi parameter set to midi off, these track locations will then be muted (a.k.a. disabled) from sending or receiving any midi information. Again, this is if you have "midi off" available and your are addressing your software sequencer thru the sequence set-up section of the ASR10. If you would like to, e-mail me directly.
Posted by: ACEJ

Re: ASR-10 and midi thru - 12/03/98 10:35 AM

I think you'll have to disable channels
1-8 on the groovebox
I don't think you can intercept them on the
ASR-10 because the thru port usually hard-wired with the midi in.
I don't have experience with the ASR's though.

Posted by: Buffy

Re: ASR-10 and midi thru - 12/04/98 02:35 AM

This sounds like it would work, but I don't know how to disable channels in sound module mode?