bought MR

Posted by: Anonymous

bought MR - 05/22/99 08:26 AM

Hi I just bought a MR61 and I would like to know something about the unisyn editor and the synthesis possibilities. so if anyone got something to say I would be pleased to hear it.
Posted by: WreckStep

Re: bought MR - 08/03/99 11:15 AM

hm.. i've had a mr76 for awhile now, as far as synthesis goes, i'm not sure exactly what you can do with it other than run it though the onboard effects and control things like ADSR.. however, you can probably do all kinds of stuff that i don't know about mainly because over 50% of the time that i've owned that machine it has been broken or in the shop. too bad, i love the pads, strings and some of the real voices.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: bought MR - 08/17/99 03:57 PM

thanks for answering, bye now i know that i can need the unysin to use the mr as a programmer of sounds. the problem is, it is a little expensive to buy, as the old unisyn needed a mac.
but by the way if you still miss the pads and own a sampler i might use my time to get into sampling.