EDM Problems

Posted by: cyron

EDM Problems - 11/26/01 05:39 AM


I try to use the EDM Manager from Giebler, but all I get is a "Runtime error 200 at xxx:yyy". I used this tool some years ago on a Pentium II system, but on my current system I cannot get this thing to run (I'm using an Athlon 500 Mhz right now).
Anyone had the same problem and solved it ?

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Posted by: EPS_Man

Re: EDM Problems - 11/28/01 07:24 PM

What operating system are you running? EDM will not run under NT4, Win2000, or (presumably) XP due to the restriction of BIOS calls.

If you are launching it from Win9x and you are using a shortcut to launch it, make sure you have a valid CMD Line and Working directory entered in the properties page of the shortcut.

Working: C:\EDM

Hope this helps...