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EMU APS - 11/23/98 01:57 AM

hi there peeps!! im on the lookout for anyone else that is using the new EMU APS along with cubase vst. i am new to the concept of SOUNDFONTS and would like to discuss problems with anyone who uses them. preferably with soundforge and vienna.
Posted by: cquence

Re: EMU APS - 02/18/99 10:38 AM

I am using APS with cakewalk, if you have any questions I will try to find out any info for you, C-Q.
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Re: EMU APS - 02/18/99 01:12 PM

I am familiar with Soundfonts and Vienna, Soundforge, VST and APS. Maybe I can help........
Posted by: cquence

Re: EMU APS - 05/06/99 08:53 AM

M, I need a bit of help myself regarding nrpn's if you know anything about them, C-Q.
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Re: EMU APS - 05/07/99 05:24 AM


Is it to do with bank selecting for the APS banks? I know that this can sometimes be a pain!