vintage keys

Posted by: Ronners

vintage keys - 08/11/07 11:54 AM

Hi There I have just bought an emu vintage keys as spares or repair It powers up fine and the window eluminates but none of the led lights come on on the controles and the display is just small blank blocks. I have opened it up and it seems mint inside but at the right hand side there is a slot with nothing in it is this for expansion or is something missing can anyone help me please best regards Ron Haywood
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: vintage keys - 11/17/08 11:17 AM

Hello. Hope you are still checking back on this. I am in a similar situation. Would love to use this piece of gear. I am a Bench Repair Tech, and might be able to find out more/get farther on this. I will keep in touch here. Greg.