syncing SP1200 to other gear

Posted by: jackyak

syncing SP1200 to other gear - 05/15/99 09:18 PM

I tried syncing my sp1200 to my yamaha rm1x(with yam as master)and they started drifting.I'm going to try SP as master next.Anybody done this before?
Posted by: sonic research A'damm

Re: syncing SP1200 to other gear - 01/04/00 12:08 AM

I didn't try it with this setup, but I
know that some Yamaha machines have
timing problems under certain
circumstances. I use a QY700 and a SP12
and I had the same problem...

Try out with different Midi-gear and find
out who causes the trouble: the SP1200 or
the Yamaha.
greetings. BOb