EMU Sytem 4.10 Upgrade

Posted by: Anonymous

EMU Sytem 4.10 Upgrade - 12/04/00 12:22 PM

I have reports from a student of mine that the upgrade to 4.10 of her E5000 EOS has caused the sampler to become unstable and also means that any samples now saved are not loadable (or even invisible) to earlier versions of EOS. Anybody heard anything on this??
Posted by: tommyd

Re: EMU Sytem 4.10 Upgrade - 12/15/00 07:22 AM

nope my E4 sampler is just as unstable as beforeI got the upgrade.

Posted by: fvicente

Re: EMU Sytem 4.10 Upgrade - 12/15/00 11:56 AM

No problems here on my E-5000 Ultra either. I've been running EOS 4.1 ever since it came out.