SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab

Posted by: Jason

SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab - 09/04/00 05:50 PM

"ve been trying to get my computer to recognize my sampler for smdi transfers to Wavelab. It's not a problem with Wavelab, but maybe those out there who have a working setup could reply...
So far, my computer will freeze half way through the boot process everytime I put my EMU on the SCSI chain. NO ID conflicts. I even went and got an old SCSI card (2906) just for the EMU, but the same thing happens at boot process.

EMU EOS 3.00b
Windows98 SE
Onboard PCI-U2 7980 chipset
2906 SCSI II PCI card
latest aspi, and 7800 drivers from Adaptec.

Anyone have sucess transferring samples over SCSI to wavelab?


Posted by: pko

Re: SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab - 09/06/00 04:36 AM


First of all make sure this is not a termination problem. You should only have the device at each end of the SCSI chain terminated.

If your adaptec card is set up to auto-terminate (dependent on ther settings on other devices) then you need to have your EMU booted before the SCSI card boots (for me this just means turning the EMU and the PC on at the same time).

If you have a hard disk or other internal device attached to the SCSI card then you should have this device terminated and the SCSI card should not be terminated.

If you have a SCSI hard disk installed in the sampler I can't remenber (off the top of my head) whether I have the sampler or the hard drive terminated (I think I recall that the EMU internal SCSI bus connects between the sampler and the outside world rather than the sampler being in the middle).

It is a tricky one as termination depends on configuration.

If you had, say, an interanl SCSI drive on your PC and nothing connected externally then both the card and the SCSI disk would be termited. If you had a sampler with an internal SCSI disk and nothing connected to the outside world then again both would be terminated. However, if you have an internal drive, scsi card, sampler and internal sampler disk just the sampler and the hard drive in your PC should be terminated.

The outcome of all this is that if you regularly change the set up then incorrect termination will provide unreliable results.

(by the way, you should also set the SCSI card up so that bios support is not activated fro the sampler.

You should also consider updating to EOS 4.x. Partly becuase it is better anyway but also that some changes have been made in the SCSI implementation. I don't think this will resolve your booting problem but it is certainly the case that an old SCSI CD_ROM and hard drive I had work with EOS 4.x and did not work with 3.x.

On a more positive note. I have three SCSI cards in my PC (2940 and 2x2905) connected to an ESI-32, E6400 (upgraded to EOSV4.10) and E6400 Ultra (EOS V4.10). I use Soudforge, WaveSurgeon, Recycle and EOS link to interface to the samplers over SCSI. I also have 5 SCSI hard disks, a CD writer, CD rom, syquest drive and data DAT connected to these various scsi chains. It all works reliably though it did take me a while to get it all working and it never did work properly under Win 95 (I now use win '98 SE though a single card, single sampler set up was fine with '95).

It is definately worth perservering SMDI operation is really useful and I use it all the time.

The description of your current problem definately suggests a problem with termination, cabling or SCSI ID (have you set the E6400 up to avoid the SCSI id of the SCSI card?, you need to do this but I can't remember what it was called on EOS 3.x).

Posted by: digiboy

Re: SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab - 09/06/00 12:05 PM

(by the way, you should also set the SCSI card up so that bios support is not activated fro the sampler)

Close, but I think what you really want to do is turn off the SCSI card BIOS. I had the same problem with the computer locking up on boot, and it turned out that by disabling scsi device detect, everything ran smooth.
The only problem I have is that EOS-Link is a piece of crap and stops working when any other information is sent along the scsi bus (sampler reading from CD-ROM for instance).
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Re: SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab - 09/07/00 04:35 AM


Cheers Digiboy, that was exactly what I meant but couldn't get the words out (Company takeover, daughter not sleeping, no holiday). You will not be able to turn off the SCSI card bios if your system is booting from a SCSI disk. You can still load the SCSI card bios for the harddisk but avoid the sampler in the bios scan which was what I was trying to say.

I agree EOS is not the greatest peice of software outthere though mine does work when loading from CD, Disk etc (though you don't see the % progress on loading). If you havn't got the keyboard option on the sampler it is very useful when naming lots of samples and presets.

Posted by: Jason

Re: SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab - 09/10/00 11:53 AM

Pko and Digiboy,

Thankyou for your replies. You're info is very helpful. The EMU tech wouldn't really help me out because they didn't want to be liable for any negative changes to Windows or the Adaptec controller. All they said was the E4x has an older "dumb" scsi in it. And the hang might be from the sampler never ansering a question from the scsi card, and the card sits and waits for the answer. Hmm, ok emu.

Pko, I'm using Win98 SE. My Asus Motherboard has U2 SCSI built in with the SCSI-Select bios. Yes there is an option to disable the bios on boot up. For termination it's like this so far. The Onboard SCSI has 2 separate busses. One for U2 (My barracuda drive) and another for SE/Fast Scsi devices (My DVD-Rom and CD-burner.) I have an IDE drive for my boot drive.

Right now the CD/DVD players are on the SE/fast bus. Separate from the U2 bus. The DVD is at the end of the chain internally, so it's terminated. The Scsi adapter auto terminates itself. If I tap off the ribbon cable going to my CD/DVD drives and out to my sampler, I've been turning on termination in my sampler. In effect my chain is then a in a Y config. So the DVD and sampler should both be terminated, right?

I also took the CD/dvd drives off the chain for troubleshooting and went only to my sampler. But couldn't get it to work. Exact same behavior, so I guess it's not a result of having my Cd/dvd drive on the chain at the same time.

I can't have my sampler upgrade to EOS 4.x without a flash memory upgrade. It really burns me that I bought this E4xTurbo 1 month before the Ultra series came out. I paid good money for the thing. I had no idea Ultra was coming and my supposed (friend) at the music store said nothing like that was coming down the line soon (cause I asked- and of course would've waited). So there it is one month later with Ultra's out at nearly 1/2 price. I was pissed. Sure, lets spend another $1000 so emu can change the motherboard and cpu that I just paid $xxxx for. Ack!

I'm drifting here. If I disable the SCSI bios, will that negatively affect any of my drives? or performance? I've hung the comptuer so many time last week, I'll go give it a shot and see what happens.

Thanks for replying.

Posted by: digiboy

Re: SMDI transfers from E4x to Wavelab - 09/11/00 07:37 AM

Disable the bios, it should fix the hang-up.