Esi-32 OS 3 info

Posted by: jOoPiTaR8

Esi-32 OS 3 info - 10/01/98 02:54 PM

Im an esi-32 user with os 2.1. Im trying to get some opinions and extra info on the OS 3 upgrade. I would appreciate it if anyone with this upgrade could give me any relevant information ie pros/cons improvements etc
Man... trying to find esi32 users on the net is a paine in the #@!.
Posted by: Les

Re: Esi-32 OS 3 info - 10/01/98 08:29 PM

I couldn't live without the 3.02 upgrade. I have really enjoyed using all those filters. You also get greater control over voice allocation. If your using the ESI-32 for playing back stereo pianos and things like that, then you might can do without the upgrade. But if you like to treat it like a synth as well as a sampler then the filters can really help out.
Posted by: jOoPiTaR8

Re: Esi-32 OS 3 info - 10/02/98 02:40 PM

Wow... what a fast response! I knew there were other esi users out there

I have one more question. Do I have to pull apart my esi and upgrade any chips to get the OS upgrade, or is it like a eprom?

I know the turbo kit requires some fiddling but how about just the software upgrade?
Posted by: Les

Re: Esi-32 OS 3 info - 10/03/98 02:03 AM

Yea, you'll have to open up your ESI to install the new chips. In principle, this is pretty easy. However, I did run into a couple of problems. One was that the screws on the back were so tight till I thought I might wind-up stripping them before I got the thing opened. Secondly, the chips won't come out easily. You have to use a tool that comes with the upgrade to pry the old chips out. Just pull a little on each corner, and eventually the old chips will pop out. This takes some patience.

I don't remember doing any software fiddling. I think there may have been a short initialization process, but I can't recall. What ever it was, it must have not been that big a deal or I would have remembered it (I hope).
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Re: Esi-32 OS 3 info - 10/03/98 01:51 PM

Thanks for all the extra info Les.
I will be ordering my OS upgrade within the next few weeks. Im a bit worried about opening up my esi but we'll see how it goes.
Im sure I'll be provided with adequate instructions.
Ive heard that the new filters dont lose as much bottom end when the resonance is turned up. I hope this is true. These 2.01 filters sure become thin and tinny when you start pushing them.
Posted by: Les

Re: Esi-32 OS 3 info - 10/04/98 11:07 AM

Let me know how it turns out. And if you need any help, just drop me an e-mail.