loop in the tempo 2

Posted by: brice

loop in the tempo 2 - 11/17/98 04:24 AM

Thanks for you reply griff if i understand what you where saying a loop for a tempo of 120bpm will be half a second or 44.1*0.5 sec =22050 or 44.1*2=88200?
I missed so many mathematic lectures!
Let me know what did you chose finally for your probleme,drum machine or laptope?
Posted by: Griff

Re: loop in the tempo 2 - 11/17/98 07:14 AM


Haven't decided on the Live thing yet. Money is always tight at this time of the year. 'Future Music' mag is reviewing this new Roland box next month which might do what I want. Cos I may be working with a live band, its tap tempo function looks v. cool.