Loop in the tempo?

Posted by: brice

Loop in the tempo? - 11/14/98 05:38 PM

I`m looking for the magic formula wich can tell you how many of a sample you need to run a loop for a certain tempo!
ex: my sample is 210000 my tempo 120 bpm and i want to know where should i closed my loop for one measure>
Posted by: Griff

Re: Loop in the tempo? - 11/16/98 06:54 AM

If you are running at 120bpm then this is 2 beats per second. Therefore each beat takes half a second so a 4/4 bar will be exactly 2 seconds long. The number of samples depends on the sampling rate.

So: length(s) = 60/bpm * beats in bar
length(samples) = length(s) * samplerate (Hz)

I would leave it a bit longer and trigger it from your sequencer each bar rather than looping it so that errors don't accumulate.